Marlo Croce, wife of popular singer A.J. Croce is confirmed died from a rare heart virus. The saddening news of her death was confirmed by multiple sources on the internet. A.J. Croce was a popular singer who is in the hearts of thousands of people. The shocking news of Marlo saddened the entire internet. People are sharing tributes and condolence with family members on the demise. Our team also expresses deep condolence to them on this great loss. Keep reading to learn more about her passing. 

Who is Marlo Croce?

Marlo Croce was the wife of A.J. Croce, a well-known singer who has a massive fan following. Marlo died in the year 2018 of a heart infection. The sudden demise was following the release of A.J’s album “By Request.” 

Not much about Marlo Croce is known to us at this moment. She has no Wikipedia page on the internet. Also, there is no personal information available about her personal life on social media platforms. From some leads, we got to know that she was born into an affluent family. Later on, when she got married to the popular singer A.J, people started knowing about her. 

The couple was blessed with a daughter and a son in their life. 

Marlo Croce Death

A.J. Croce was deeply disturbed by the sudden passing of his loving wife Marlo. They share a very close relationship with each other. Both married on August 21, 1994, and since then had spent their life peacefully. A.J wrote a very sad message on social media when her wife left her in between of his life. At that time thousands of people took their social accounts to express their grief. 

how did she die?

The exact circumstances around the death of Marlo Croce remain undisclosed. But some leads confirm that the demise was caused due to heart infection. The untimely demise of the Marlo broke the hearts of several people who are directly or indirectly linked with the Marlo. And especially singer A.J who got a big blow with losing her wife. He never imagined something like this ever.  In 2018 when he lost her loving wife, he took his social media handle to inform his following and wrote an emotional message. 

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