According to statistics, almost 70% of the traffic for any Social Media store or website comes from mobile phones. That’s because people mostly have their mobile phones in their hands and often have access to their laptops or computers. Therefore, if you are going to build or have an established social media store, you should work for its mobile friendliness. Having higher mobile-friendliness for a Social Media store means people can easily open it, browse it, and use it over their mobile phones.

Here, you will understand the importance of Mobile Optimization for a Social Media Store and how it impacts your store’s overall success.

How Do You Maximize Mobile Friendliness For Social Media Stores?

It doesn’t matter whether you own a Social Media store or a sweet storytelling blog; the idea is very simple. You have to implement all those right practices to make it work.

This comes with effective content building, sledder, elements, text on the store buttons, links, and much more. Let’s take a look at what you can really do to make this happen!

Start With the Main and Right Information

Always keep in mind to keep as much shorter text as you can at the start or opening page of your Social Media Profile.

That’s because the user will open it on the mobile phone and will read that intro before browsing to the next section of the store.

You need to add all that relevant and impactful information. But this text should be less energetic to engage your user in the first attempt which he makes to reach your website.  

You won’t increase the speed and mobile optimization of your social media store. But it will also result in increasing its overall growth over social media in no time. This store could be on TikTok too. To increase social media store followers on TikTok, you can perform engaging video creation and helpful content-sharing practices. 

Use Short Paragraphs and Interactive Wording

Social media stores that have websites live on Google don’t really keep much content on them. But even if you are promoting it through a blog section on Google, this thing should be in your mind. Mobile screens are much different from desktop screens.

A line on a desktop screen might look like a short paragraph on a mobile screen sometimes.

Therefore, always make shorter sentences and paragraphs with meaningful and catchy wording. This will not only help you engage with your customers.

But will also influence him to spend more time reading. Ultimately, this will result in increasing the overall CTA of your Social Media Store.

Add Infographics With Less Memory and in JPEG Format

Some people add PNG images behind the products to showcase higher results. But ultimately, doing this decreases the speed of your store and its overall mobile performance.

So, you can either add compressed images or use JPEG format to retain that impression. You can also use plugins for that Social Media Store’s website.

These plugins will help you reduce the size of the images, increase speed, and overall improve the friendly mobile design.

Add A Slider For Better Navigation

For long pages on your social media store’s website, there should be a slider so that a user can easily navigate between different pages.

You need to add a button at the end, which could help him reach the top of the page in seconds from the footer menu.

Google bots actually like having a slider on a website, and they ultimately improve your website performance in no time.

Add Videos and Relevant Images

As stated earlier, images and videos are additional sources that could help your user spend some more time on your website.

You need to add these while keeping the Mobile Optimization in mind. Always take initial steps before publishing something or arranging something on that social media store.

When a store website or the store itself performs faster, your chances of success will ultimately improve.

Add Some High Contrast Colors

You need to realize that what might look good to you on your Desktop might not look exactly the same on your Mobile screen.

To fix this, consider adding some high-contrast colors for all those buttons, elements, and other important text fields.

The font size for a mobile-friendly page should be more than 32 points in order to gain higher readability over the mobile device.

What Are The Top Advantages of Having a Mobile Friendly Social Media Store?

There are multiple advantages to improving the overall mobile optimization for a Social Media Store. In that case, some of the best ones are described below.

  • It increases your audience and helps you reach higher social media growth
  • People start spending more time
  • The faster the store opens, the better it is recognized in the eyes of Google bots
  • You get improved conversion rates
  • Ranking gets better, and your page performs better than your competitors
  • Per user experience gets enhanced

Last Words:

We have no doubt in sharing that the mobile optimization of your newly developed or pre-existing Social Media Store matters a lot. You need to implement some best practices to make it work. Or you can hire a professional developer who would do the job for you. The choice is yours!



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