If you are here, you might be familiar with e-commerce, right? But have you ever heard about Social Commerce? It’s a new concept currently evolving on those Social Media Platforms. Gone are the days when people used to rely on specific websites or stores available in various locations. Now, Social Media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook are here to introduce you to social commerce.

So, let’s understand what Social Commerce is and how you integrate those excellent shopping features into your Social Media Store.

What is Social Commerce Anyway?

Before we dig deeper, let’s understand what Social Commerce is. Social Commerce is basically derived from E-commerce, where people interact, exchange, sell, or buy products through social media pages.

It happens with live product showing, branding, promotion, pricing, and everything on a social media store.

If you are familiar with this, you will find multiple stores on Instagram these days selling high-quality products and services.

Some of them have millions of fans following and loyal customers who are always willing to purchase new products.

But is it always easier to purchase through the Social Media Store? It’s true to understand that Social Commerce shopping should come with new features and additional ways to help the users in the payment, delivery, and product integration process.

How Can You Integrate Multiple Shopping Features into Your Social Media Store?

Every day is a new chance to make things better. That means introducing new features to your Social Media store not only helps the customers in the buying process.

It also helps you increase the growth of your overall social media profile.

You gain more followers and build a lasting brand image in a short period if you stay consistent in making things better from day one.

However, to help you with the current competition, here are some interactive changes you can make to make shopping easier on your Social Media Store.

Add Credit Card Payment Methods

Most of the Social Commerce purchase is done through the Cash on Delivery method.

To make shopping easier for customers, there should be payment gateways on these Social Media Stores so that a customer can actually pay through their credit or debit cards.

It’s just like having payment options in a Shopify store. 

This will help people to pay and purchase something even if they don’t have the money on their hands at the moment.

Create Products Catalogs

Shopping on social media is a bit more difficult than doing it on an e-commerce website or store. That’s because a Social Media Store doesn’t have any product catalogs.

Therefore, people usually find it difficult to understand what type of products a specific store is selling.

Also, they cannot determine the prices and benefits of these products and services just like they can do by visiting an e-commerce website.f

No doubt, a social media store can have a separate Shopify store or any other e-commerce store to enlist all these things and drive the traffic toward there.

But what if those social media platforms introduce a product catalog? For this, when you check out Facebook Marketplace to buy or sell something online, there are plenty of options for sellers.

However, Instagram, which has an audience in the billions, still lacks this feature. They should make social commerce easier by introducing product catalogs to Instagram only for people who have online stores there.

Have Delivery Status

Some of the most authentic websites have this option on their stores where you can actually track the delivery status or progress of your ordered products.

These Social Stores still lack this functionality.

Therefore, there should be an additional feature of checking the delivery status of a product for the customer.

This way, a customer can easily find out whether his product has been dispatched, delivered, or in processing.

This is another great benefit that can improve the overall significance of Social Media Stores and, ultimately, Social Commerce.

Ultimate Support Team

Even after having a significant impact in the e-commerce market, Social Media Stores still lack that higher level of customer support from these stores.

That’s because if a person is asking a specific query about the product other than office hours, he has to wait for hours to get a reply. Instead of doing that, Social Media Platforms can bring AI chatbots to help these customers.

These Chatbots should always be in those Social Media stores’ DMs, ready to answer the questions of people.

This way, no one will have to wait for their queries to be answered. In this way, a very seamless process of social shopping can be implemented.

Live Shopping:

Live Shopping is a new concept that you can add as a new feature to your social media store. With this, you can create broadcasting channels on Spotify and grow your likes, comments, and followers on Spotify. This will help you target another platform from where you can drive traffic toward your social media store. 


There is a significant impact of Social Media Stores that is introducing new and meaningful ways of buying products and services. In case you own a store on social media, consider asking for or building for these features. You will be able to set a distinction other than your competitors. So, how did you like these ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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