Connie Nurlita Dies At 51, Death Cause Explained, Read What Happened To Connie Nurlita?

A piece of very heart-wrenching news recently broke on the internet that has now shaken the country. Yes, we are talking about the recently broken news on the internet about famous dangdut singer Connie Nurlita Meninggal who has passed away at the age of 51. As soon as the news of her sudden demise broke on the web, it brought a wave of condolences and people better say her fans are mourning her death. Also, a lot of people are searching for what happened to Connie Nurlita Meninggal, how did she die? So, scroll on to read the complete news.

Connie Nurlita Dies At 51, Death Cause Explained, Read What Happened To Connie Nurlita?

So, according to the reports, the famous dangdut singer Connie Nurlita Meninggal also known as Connie Nurlita has passed away. She was in the folk music industry since 1990. Now, you can assume her determination or better say love towards the music that despite her periodic broadcast arrivals, the dangdut singer continued to take participation in other off-air activities. Since the news of her untimely passing is announced her fans continue to post about her and mourning her death. Currently, the local media is covering the story of the lady remembering her music journey.

What Happened To Connie Nurlita?

So, when it comes to talking about Connie Nurlita’s death cause or reason, then according to the reports the famous Indonesian female folk singer who has worked with some of the big names in the industry, suffered a cardiac arrest. Her management team announced the news that Connie Nurlita Meninggal passed away on Tuesday morning 30th May. Later on, it came to know that the lady was getting ready for her morning workout when she got a cardiac arrest.

Well, no doubt that it is quite hard to believe her death because the lady was too fit and too in her 50s. Also, her fans’ pain can be seen on social media where they all are posting about her and paying tributes to the lady. Her close friend Novan has confirmed Connie’s funeral where she told about the information such as where her body is laid and some other details too.

Connie Nurlita Last Song!

Although, watching her pictures can confuse you about her age because despite being 51 years old, the lady was pretty attractive and the beautiful singer gained fame through the song Ayang-Ayangmu, which was performed as the album’s lead single for Campursari Nusantara Vol. 1. Although, even the lady was all set to drop her latest single that she has also shared on her official Instagram account that you can check below. In the caption, she also wrote “Sepasang Tapi Tak Bersatu” Sedih gak sih?? Itu bagian kecil dari single terbaru aku “SEPATU” yang akan tayang hari ini pukul 16.00 wib .. Jadi Nanti Kita Nonton Bersama Tayangan Perdananya ya di Channel ” Connie Nurlita Official ”


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Connie Nurlita Meninggal Funeral Details

According to the reports, Connie’s close friend named Novan who talked to the media and confirmed the news told, that the lady was taken to the near hospital but in the mid-way, she left her breath and after reaching the hospital doctors pronounced her dead. Well, there is no doubt that she was one of the most loved folk singers in Indonesia and was the goddess of a pretty attractive vocal.

Well, saying this would not be bad that her death came up as a shocking event for all. Her close friend Novan told the media about her funeral. Where she told that the Sworddut singer’s body was laid to rest at the Grand Heaven Pluit funeral home when she was pronounced dead. Our saddest condolences are with her family and fans, may her soul rest in heaven.

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