With a heavy heart, it is to be announced that Daher Broadcasting Service reporter Alex Bousquet has left this world at 41 years. He died at Victoria Hospital due to a sudden heart attack. The heartbreaking news was confirmed by many sources on the internet. People on social media shares heartfelt tributes and condolences with the family members who have lost such a loving family member. Keep reading till the end to discover more about him.

Who Was Alex Bousquet?

Alex Bousquet well remembers with the name ‘Mr. Streetvibes’ was a reporter at Daher Broadcasting Service. Alex was 41 years old at the time of his death. Originally belongs to Saint Lucia, an Eastern Caribbean island nation. He was working in the organization for more than a decade. And contribute a lot to the news broadcast of DBS. Personal information like wife, net worth, is not known to us at the moment. He did not have any Wikipedia page also.


Alex Bousquet Death

Alex Bousquet Death is shocking news for his family and friends. He left all of sudden his people on October 10, 2021. From the sources, it was confirmed that he died in the Victoria Hospital. We will talk about the circumstances around his death in detail next para.

How did the reporter Die?

Alex Bousquet’s cause of death is a heart attack at victoria hospital. It was not confirmed whether he was suffering from any disease so far. Shortly after the demise of news reach social media people shares RIP messages to the diligent and honest reporter for the work. people missing him on nightly news broadcasts at Daher Broadcasting Service. Bousquet was always full of energy when it comes to reporting. He chases down the news and tries his best to fetch the maximum possible relevant information for his viewers.

There are thousands of people died due to heart-related complication and sadly Alex Bousquet name is also including in the list. According to WorldHeathRankings “According to the latest WHO data published in 2018 Coronary Heart Disease Deaths in Saint Lucia reached 144 or 12.72% of total deaths.” 

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Social Media Reaction

Our team paid the deepest tribute to Alex.  Many social media users mourn his death by sharing heartwarming messages.


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