Recently another name of ‘Tessa Ballam’ has come into social media searches. Tessa Ballam’s suicide inquest hears Myer bullying allegations. We will learn more about Tessa Ballam Later in the article. As per the sources, Tessa Ballam committed suicide after falling victim to workplace bullying. Let’s proceed with who is Tessa Ballam?

Who is Tessa Ballam?

Tessa Ballam was a 31 years old accountant who worked at Myer. Sources claimed that Tessa committed suicide after falling victim to workplace bullying. even she also her family and friends that she was being bullied at her workplace. Tessa was a high performer and had a high IQ. But unfortunately, she decided to end her life. Her Facebook is full of tribute and heartfelt comments. 

Tessa had depression, a history of disordered eating, traits of borderline personality disorder, and anxiety. She stopped taking medication and wasn’t seeing a psychologist, reports The Courier-Mail.


According to the court hearings, there were issues with Tessa’s work quality and her lateness, and her manager’s boss thought the manager was professional and approachable. She felt her manager was unpredictable and treated her like a child. The standards applied to her at work were not applied to her colleagues.

Tessa Ballam Suicide

Tessa Ballam was living in Melbourne. She even brought a property with her family and was looking forward to celebrating Christmas with her parents. The night before her death, Ballam told her mom she felt defeated and felt like a failure.

Her treatment at work caused a gradual wearing down of Ballam’s confidence, which eventually led to suicide.

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After workplace issues came to a head at Myer performance review, the Coroners Court of Victoria inquest heard Ballam. The inquest’s scope was to check concerns presented by her family about mistreatment by staff at Myer. 

Tessa’s mother, Julie Ballam, joined the court virtually from her New Zealand home. She told the court she was extremely close with her daughter, and they frequently had heart-to-hearts. They regularly spoke about how Tessa’s manager was bullying her. 

Tessa Ballam Death

Sudden Suicidal Death of Young Tessa Ballam resulted in WorkSafe bringing occupational health and safety charges against Myer. A Myer spokesperson revealed that the company cooperated with the authorities since 2015 and continues to do through the inquest. Her death had a significant impact on Myer’s team. Out of respect to the family, the company did not comment further at this stage.

May her departed soul rest in peace.

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