Recently a Twitter handle with the name Niaky00t was making news headlines following the release of a leaked video. The video was revealed to be of a minor girl doing an inappropriate activity on the camera. The leaked video started getting viral from Twitter then circulated all over the social media platforms.  We will discuss everything we have collected in the context. So keep reading till the end. 

Who is Niaky00t on Twitter?

Not much about the girl trending with the name Niaky00t is known to us at the moment. There is not even a single official detail related to her personal life. There are some rumors believed her to be in her 20s. Niaky00t was said to hail from Malaysia. Her leaked video created a buzz on the entire internet. People are talking about the minor girl and the leaked TikTok video. Even internet netizens are also curious to explore more about her. Our team has found her Instagram account with around 1450 followers at the time of writing this article.  The same does not contain any post on it probably due to violations of meta policies. 

Niaky00t Viral TwitterVideo

Niaky00t Leaked Video contains inappropriate content. The same leaked from the social media handle available with the name Niaky00t. The Leaked twitter video is already removed from major social networking sites due to violation of policies. But there are some platforms on which these videos are circulated heavily one of them is a telegram. Our team will update you further if there is anything new came up in the story.

I’ve tried to report, and guys pls don’t stop reporting the acc @/niaky00t__ pls. The person who did this deserves to be punished by law. Hoping that girl is well and healthy, I’m just scared of her mental health to deteriorates. Allahu Rabb, pls grant her enormous strengths, amen” said one on Twitter. 

Social media Reaction 

The leaked Niaky00t video is already seen thousands of times and received hundreds of comments from the internet. Some ask to report the user uploading such inappropriate content on a public platform. That’s why you can see received heavy reports from social media users have the account banned from some platforms. We will update you further when there is anything new. One wrote reacting to the video “pitty that niaky00-girl. there’s no way she would post such things kat ig weh. and to whoever yang create fake acc just to post her idk i just hope kau kena benda yang sama or worst”


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