Fields Mall taking pictures suspect, Noah Esbensen, 22, Arrested: The incident occurred in Field’s Mall taking pictures in Copenhagen, Denmark shocked the entire internet. A danish man who is young around 22, killed several and injured many by gunshot. The man opened the fire at the innocent people who have nothing to do with him. Later on, when he got arrested, his name was confirmed as Noah Esbensen.

He was danish and 22 years old with mental unstable. The shocking news of the Fields Mall shooting broke many hearts. We will share more details about the horrific incident in a while. So keep reading to not miss anything. 

Who is Noah Esbensen?

Noah Esbensen is a 22 years old Danish man who lives in Denmark. He was recently arrested as prime accused of a horrific shooting that took place in Field’s Mall taking pictures in Copenhagen. Not much about his personal life is revealed in the public domain as the case is still under investigation mode. There is little revealed from the official sources.

There are some sources that claim that he is mentally unstable. He used to upload a youtube video with a gun in hand. You can find his video on social media platforms as well which is trending after the incident.

Alex Tiffin wrote in this context:

“The Copenhagen Girkd Shopping Centre gunman is confirmed to be 22-year-old Danish man Noah Esbensen. He uploaded several videos on YouTube with a hunting rifle in the past few days.

At least 3 of his victims are reportedly Muslim.”

Field’s Mall taking pictures Shooting 

The incident of the mass shooting at Field Mall has shaken the entire world. To date, we have come across several of these kinds of incidents in the past. These kinds of cases often raise the question about the gun culture which prevails at the deep root of our society.

From time to time we witness gun violence, and shooting incidents that cost several innocent lives who even don’t know their fault for which their life has been taken brutally.

In this mass shooting done by Noah Esbensen around 3 people were killed and the same number of people get injured badly. Our team shares condolence with the victim’s family members for the great loss.   We will be back with more information on this incident.

The shooter is thought to be Noah Esbensen, a Dane who posted videos on YouTube holding guns to his head Armed police surrounded the scene as footage emerged showing terrified civilians fleeing the retail complex Shooting took place hours before British singer Harry Styles was set to take the stage just 500 yards away

Bashy Quraishy commented on Facebook “Mass shooting in Fields, a large shopping mall in Copenhagen – 3 dead, 3 critically wounded, and several injured. The suspect arrested soon after the attack

Denmark is a peaceful country where such incidents are extremely rare. That is why this shooting has shaken the country. The Queen, Prime Minister, City’s Lord Mayor, and other important personalities, as well as some NGOs, have condemned this unfortunate act.”

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