A Police Officer named Officer Kingery whose real name is Charlie Kingery has recently come into Social Media Searches. Sources claim that Officer Kingery is charged with sexual assault on the girlfriend he cheated on in 2021. Officer Kingery from Tiktok is a Lawrence, Indiana police officer, and SWAT member. Recently his TikTok Account was removed. We found that the news is false as any strong evidence is not yet found by our team. As Kingery is a famous personality, so all this is done by some haters of Kingery for ruining his image on Social Media. We will learn more about Officer Kingery later in the article.

Officer Kingery

Who is Officer Charlie Kingery?

Officer Kingery a.k.a Charlie Kingery is a famous Tiktok Personality and a social media star. You can easily see him dancing in several TikTok Videos. He really loves to be a TikTok Star and really enjoys this. Being a Police officer, this behavior shows the other face of the police department.  He usually creates funny, entertaining, and enjoyable Videos on His TikTok Account but recently his Image on Social Media got hurt because of a rumor. We will talk about the rumors in the later section. 

In 2021, Kingery broke up with his girlfriend Brianne. Charlie Kingery stated the cause of the split was a dispute regarding a child conceiving and birth. However, Brianne later addressed the falsified hype to be a mere trap set up by the officer and added that he sexually assaulted her.

Any other proof of this is not yet come in front of us and also Officer Kingery is not arrested yet. We could not say anything in this matter for now as any claim is not proved true yet. We are waiting for further updates and let our readers know if we get anything. 

A Facebook User Commented:

“A wildly known and popular TikTok content creator, officer Kingery has been accused of sexual assault by many women. Openly on TikTok. He lost his brand/podcast partner who spoke out against the allegations stating he wanted nothing to do with Kingery with the accusations being made. Kingery has since deleted his TikTok account. Seems oddly guilty to me that he’s giving up an income of content creating. Officer Kingery is from Indiana and was actually under investigation a few years back at his district due to a bar fight he was in where he was arrested & charged with battery. He quit this specific district and went to another. HE WAS ALLOWED TO STILL BE A COP AFTER BEING CHARGED WITH BATTERY.

I’m glad these women came forward and exposed him for the disgusting man he is. Even if he doesn’t ever face real consequences, he’s lost brands, partnerships, and an income for content. YOU ARE BRAVE.”
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Officer Kingery Sexual Assault 

Charlie Kingery, a Famous TikTok Star with more than 2.5 Million followers has recently deleted his TikTok and Instagram Account. All his fans are really shocked by his unexpected step. His Funny comedy videos were really hit on Social media and people really like and enjoy them. His Account goes over 38 Million likes because of his funny skills. 

People on the internet claim that the reason behind his Account deletion is sexual assault allegations. But as we said, any official confirmation is not yet revealed on the internet so we cannot consider this as the true reason why Charlie Kingery deleted his TikTok Account. 

Charlie Kingery TikTok, Girlfriend, Wife  

All This started from the blame of Charlie Kingery’s girlfriend who stated that the officer pinned her down and punished her for no mere crimes and then violated her sexually. In reply to this, Officer Kingery stated that he had not done anything wrong to the victim and gave himself a break from the social media handles to avoid improper hate speeches.

 Currently, Charlie Kingery is not arrested but sources claim that a criminal report of sexual assault has been filed against him. Officer Kingery has been living with his wife Christine since 2011, and the pair has two kids: Landon and Audra Kingery. 

More on him will update soon on the blog. 

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