Recently the news of the fatal death of a 21 years old girl is surfacing online. The girl was identified as Olivia Popham who is driving her 2017 Nissan Sentra. She was driving in the south direction on State Highway 19. And on the same highway, there is a 2012 Ford pickup on the opposite side. This leads to a tragic collision between the two. in the accident, Olivia died at moment due to serious injuries and another one was hospitalized. We will discuss more the reported incident and the reason behind the same later in this blog. So keep reading patiently to get your answers.

Who Was Olivia Popham?

She is a 21 years old Palestine, TX-based girl. Her personal information like background, family is not disclosed yet. Also, there is no wiki page available on the internet in respect of the girl. we are waiting for more information to come out.

Olivia Popham was trending past hours after she was confirmed dead in the tragic collision of her car with another one on the highway. When our team checked out for more information we found that she was facing depression. The woman named Livi Jayy on Facebook shared how she was in intense depression. According to Livi Jayy, Olivia’s last message was “Checking out, I’m sorry but I can’t keep battling depression. To the ones that were really there I love y’all. If I do succeed at this please make sure my kids are ok please “.

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“If anything ever happens to me DO NOT give my kids to their dad permanently because if while I was alive you couldn’t help take care of them then why wait till I’m gone” she continued.  

Olivia Popham

Olivia Popham Death

Olivia Popham Death caused so many hearts to break into pieces.  She was just 21 years old and meet tragic ends of her life. Thousands of social media users share condolences with her family and relatives. It is such a difficult time for them to watch the loss of their loving family member all of a sudden. We paid deepest and sincerest tribute and include family members in our prayers.

Olivia Popham Palestine TX Car Accident

According to the source, Olivia Popham was driving a 2017 Nissan Sentra and reportedly crossed over the centerline. In the opposite direction of her car, there is a Ford pickup coming. And this result in a fatal collision between the two speedy cars. The person driving Ford name Travis Pittman, 33 was taken to hospital immediately. But Olivia Popham succumbs to the injuries on her body.

Trey Willis Sr. reacted to her death “Sad story. Very sad story. My heart goes out to her family. Especially her children. #DepressionIsReal Livi Jaay rest easy beautiful! You fought the best fight you could”


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