Popular Jamaican deejay, singer Popcaan brother name JellyBadz is all over the internet following the release of his private video.

The Popcaan Brother Video is circulated heavily on the social media platforms like Twitter, telegram, and Reddit. All over the internet people are talking about him and trying to explore more about him.

Internet netizens are also curious to know more about Popcaan brother. Following the leaked videos of his brother, there are some rumors that Popcaan unfollowed him from his Instagram due to the leaked video.

We will share more details related to this further in this blog. So make sure you keep reading till the end to not miss a single update. 

Popcaan brother Video

Popcaan Brother Video

JellyBadz is a social media influencer who is quite famous on social networking sites. He is well known for being the brother of DJ Popcaan. As of now not much about Jellybags is known in the public domain. He never shared much about his personal life.


Information like age, Wikipedia, girlfriend, net worth, profession, etc, are not disclosed. He was making news headlines currently after some of his private videos leaked on the internet.

Nobody knows how these clips leaked but you can find them on social media spreading quickly just like a wildfire. 

Popcaan brother video is everywhere on the internet. You can find it on Twitter, Reddit as well as other social media platforms. Although the social networking sites have started suspending these videos which violet the terms and conditions.

We also cannot share the same on the platform due to inappropriate material. The origin of the clip remains unidentified at the moment. Also, there is no response or reaction from Jelly bags to the leaked videos and photos. 

Who is Popcaan Brother? 

The video has already crossed thousands of views and reactions from the viewers. His followers are really surprised and some got shocked by the clip. Many criticize and backlash on Popcaan brother in the comments section for making such a video public. We will let you know when there is enough data to confirm further details on it. 

More than thousands of people are showing their interest in watching the video. They want to get more details related to this video as it is a leaked video of the Popcaan Brothers who are pretty famous among people. That is why this video is getting attention on social media sites. These days much of the content is calculated on the Internet and is leaked. And most videos of social media stars have been leaked on the web.

It has been also one of the many people who long to watch this video which is why they are seeking a link on the internet. So that they can find the link and watch the video it is not the first video there are many videos in the past and it has been one of them. We want to tell all of you that the video is containing some appropriate things.  You must have got to know what we are talking about such kinds of content are spreading on the web.

As per the source, we have come to know that Popcaan’s brother, JellyBadz, can be seen in the viral video doing something wrong. It is a sexual activity that is being performed. Do you know who is a Jamaican singer who has earned a huge name and fame in his career, he had got lots of fan following on social media sites. you may follow him to get his latest update related to him.

Popcaan Brothers Viral Video

He is one of the skilled in songwriting, singing,  and more. As of now, he is 33 years old. Talking about his real identity is Andre Huge  Sutherland, as far as we know he was born on the 19th of July in 1988. In his career, he has worked with some of the most major and famous labels such as Mixpak, OVO Sound, and Warner.

Some of the netizens are eager to know why is he getting viral. He has shocked lots of people now, they are criticizing him now and he is being unfollowed.  He has not released any statement in the media, if we find any update then we will let you know. We will be right back with another viral post on the web, till then stay tuned with us and stay safe at home.

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