As we know, there are many people who share a lot of posts on social media. After which it is not a big deal for any post or video to go viral. Similarly, another new video is going viral named Porta Potty Dubai Video on every platform of social media.

This video is spreading so fast like a forest fire. To get complete information about this video, follow our article till the end, we are going to give you complete information about the video through this article.

First, we know how this video became so viral, the reason behind this is a Twitter account named Socialprix. SocialPix is ​​known for constantly uploading viral videos, It tries to reach the people by first uploading a viral video on its account.

socialperix on twitter

who is socialperix on twitter?

Socialprix has become quite popular in a very short span of time due to its ability to post trending videos as fast as possible. The account named Socialprix was created by its creator in August 2021 and so far it has garnered almost 7k followers on Twitter.

With the help of sources, it has been found that A lady whose name has not been revealed yet went to Dubai with her friends on the weekend. Her purpose in going to Dubai was to go on vacation with her friends. But after some time, she met some influential people in the city who were escorting her for money. It is also known through sources that after spending the weekend with these people, she gave an interview.

In which he told about all the things that happened to him in Dubai and how he had to go through them. She also reported some assaults that happened to her. She also told in his statement that there were 2 more girls with her. She was paid $40,000 and told to do whatever they are asked to do.

socialperix twitter dubai video

The Porta Potty Dubai viral video is trending and available on Twitter and Reddit. We are searching for more information about this video as we get more information about it we will update you. We are searching for more information about this video as hey we get more information about it we will update you.

And we will keep bringing you the updates of more such viral videos, You can bookmark our website to get information about viral videos as soon as possible.

There are many such Twitter accounts that post viral videos. You can also see this Porta Potty Dubai viral video on those accounts. Socialpix is ​​also one of those accounts on which the video was uploaded but after some time it has been removed from there.

The truth will come out soon as many rumored stories are shared by users.


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