In this blog, we are going to talk about Prof clarita carlos who was trending on the internet after rumors that she had criticized ABS-CBN Corp broke out. The reports circulated all over social media claims Carlos remarks like “biased” coverage of presidential candidates. We will discuss the same and the information we have collected in the context later. So keep reading till the end for more clarification. 

Prof clarita carlos

Who is Prof clarita carlos?

Clarita Carlos is a professor at the University of the Philippines. Apart from this, she is also known for being the director of a policy research think tank StratSearch Foundation, Inc. She had given her valuable lectures at National Defense University based in the united states. She has expertise in politics and international relations. Information related to her personal life is not much revealed in the public domain. Her age, husband, net worth are yet to disclose on the platform.

We will update you further when we have these details with us. You can find her on Facebook where she is quite popular and active. In her last post she wrote “About a couple of weeks ago, I lectured to young leaders from an Institute in Iloilo about many issues and challenges about leadership… 1. The organizers were young people themselves, who would like their members to be steeped on issues involving their future careers”

Did Clarita Carlos Call ABS-CBN ‘Biased’?

A post is getting viral on social media platforms by a user named Rha Yan. In the post, SMNI Sonshine Media Network International claimed to be a biased network. The network favored one president and ignored the other for political benefit. ABS-CBN news anchor Tony Velasquez reportedly also came into the picture where he criticize the SMNI network for its biased and one-sided favored character.

Prof clarita carlos

Are you sure? Aside from “conflict of schedule” any other reason why your Mother didn’t attend the SMNI Pres. Debates? I think I know why…. She is dead afraid to face Prof. Clarita Carlos” reacted by a social media user. 

When our team investigated more about the buzz we found something suspicious and misleading. There are some points that were added to the content to make it spicier. Yes, it is true that Carlos pointed out the network but not for the quality of the content served. 

The viral and misleading post claiming ABS-CBN ‘Biased’ is making buzz on the internet. There is already thousands of messages and reaction from all over Philips. “Prof. Clarita Carlos affirms the ills and atrocities that happened during Martial Law. She asserts that BBM really has the option to admit all of it but make a categorical declaration that since he is clearly another person, “he will not allow these atrocities to happen in his administration.” Sadly, he can’t admit any of it because he lacks the courage and the wit to do it.”

Cho Enriquez wrote “Consistent talaga siya as a denier. He denies he flubbed Oxford and denies the credibility offered by interviews and debates. Why vote for someone who denies the truth?”

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