They say mystery helps keep anyone interested, be it a boy or a girl. This works until the mystery gets either boring or downright sinister. Maintaining a girl’s interest requires a few easy steps. Normally, it is the questions you ask that will keep her yearning to share more and hear more from you. Knowing which questions to ask is important if you wish to keep a healthy interest.

When questions become too personal or weird, she might not stick around. Imagine joining a dating site and finding single Colombian women ready to make your acquaintance. The chats you engage in need to focus on culture, perhaps their likes and dislikes as opposed to their history of a communist regime.

How to know what to ask

Keeping things simple is important for new relationships. If you met the girl recently, basic questions will help secure future dates. Learn her likes and dislikes and what her career or family plans are. Here are a few easy questions to keep a girl’s interest.

1. What she considers fun

Learn about extreme adventures from her past and probe her fantasy list. Perhaps she likes scuba diving and has never had a chance. Maybe she wants to ride a horse and if she falls, her knight can catch her. These questions will keep her blushing. She will ponder the musings in your mind. If she’s comfortable around you, she might bring up extreme fantasies. These may fall in the intimacy category.

2. Her greatest achievement

Ask her about her greatest achievement. She may have accolades she would love to reveal. Perhaps she landed a job nobody thought she could. These achievements might be accolades she wishes she could share with friends but rarely gets to. Ask about career or educational plans moving forward. Maybe she wants to pursue a Ph.D. at some point. Questions about the future always leave a girl intrigued.

3. Family

Asking about family offers much-needed insight into what type of girl she is. It also gives you the necessary background regarding the nuclear and extended family.  If she hesitates to talk about her family, let it go. Do not probe her concerning sensitive issues. Focus on topics that leave her smiling and her eyes will pop out enthusiastically. If family topics don’t excite her, then move on.

4. Intimacy

If you’ve been chatting extensively and she seems flirtatious, try naughty talk. Cautiously inquire about her greatest fantasy. Does she like bondage or would she like to perform the tying? On that note, this can be a slippery slope. Such questions can have her running for the hills. Get to know her personality and find consent through questions. You might be surprised to learn she was eagerly waiting for you to ask.

5. Pets

Inquire if she is a pet lover. If the answer is yes, it translates to her being a compassionate person. With that in mind, you may dislike pets but knowing she loves them is a plus. You don’t need to get a pet, but taking her to a pet show or similar event might do you well in her good book.

Bottom Line

Such questions aren’t fixed to physical dates only. Practice them while chatting on dating sites or social media. Of utmost importance is remembering to remain civil. Even with salacious and naughty talk, avoid being extreme. Enjoy the answers and work with the challenges. 


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