In this blog, we are going to explore famous historian architectural designer and scholar Randall Carlson. The person is known for his unmatched knowledge of the history of Atlantis. Also is the host of The Official Randall Carlson Podcast. 

You can find his discussion on the past of Atlantis on Spotify as well. Keep reading to learn about his Wikipedia, age, net worth, wife, and more. 

Who is Randall Carlson? Wikipedia

Randall Carlson is an architectural designer, scholar, and veteran teacher. He is well remembered for his podcast  “Kosmographia,”. The podcast investigates the events and cultures in the history of the world. Apart from this, he is also a passionate traveler.  He is analyzing and publishing his research on the history for more than forty years now.

Randall has now created his own name in historical research. In the year 1997 CNN published “Fire from the Sky”  which was based on the examination of Carlson. 


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His well-known theories on the subject were featured in   The Great Year Model of Cyclic Time and Periodic Disaster, Mind Escape, Earth Ancients, and more. At the moment we can’t confirm his Randall Carlson Age because of a lack of sources. He never shared much about his year of birth in any social gathering or talked about it on social media. His multiple decades of experience in the world histroy brought so much recognition in his life.

As of now, there is no Wikipedia page on the internet related to him. You can find him on social media platforms like Instagram where 4,255 people follow him. He has his own website where he explained his KOSMOGRAPHIA purpose, research, and studies. 

He hosted many podcasts with Joe Rogan in his life. In one of his posts on Instagram, he wrote “Some of my favorite podcasts have been with this man. Randall Carlson has spent an enormous portion of his life researching cataclysmic events that were the cause of a reset of global human civilization and a massive extinction event somewhere around 12,000 years ago. It’s available now on @spotify”

One wrote “Thank God you were on the podcast, I’ve rewatched your old episodes and all the episodes with Graham Hancock multiple times. Thank you for educating so many people”

Randall has unmatched knowledge and research works on the Atlantis. In his podcast, he shared his views on how Atlantis fall. He described the catastrophe we human race faced many times in history but the one which occurred 13,000 ago changed everything.

In his recent travel, he went to explore Egypt and the antediluvian civilizations. “Russ and Kyle of the Brothers of the Serpent podcast join us for a great chat about their recent trip to Egypt with Ben from UnchartedX. Ben’s tours are focused on looking at the evidence for advanced antediluvian civilizations.”


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There are a lot of supporters of his podcast who listen to the same without any miss. “These podcasts are by far my favorite. Whether it be yourself or Graham (even better when both of you) I forever come away with my mind completely blown. Incredible as always” said jherbie92 on social media. 


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