A popular young rapper C Blue was trending on the internet after the news of his arrested was confirmed by many sources. The 16 years old rapper was alleged with possession of illegal weapons and murder charges. He was arrested recently which became a point of attraction for everyone on social media. Kay Flock, Bronx rapper, was arrested on 23 December under the charges of first-degree murder. the information of his arrest was provided by his lawyer Scott E. Leemon.  Keep reading to learn more about him further in this blog. 

rapper C Blue Arrested

The 16 years old rapper was making news headlines after the rumors surfaced online related to C Blue Arrested. Although at this time due to lack of sources, we can’t confirm much about the news. According to the reports, He was charged with the possession of weapons and the murder of the young man. Further, it was also claimed that he is going to visit Manhattan Criminal Court for further process. 

Best’s Point Of View TV said “16 Years old Bronx Drill Rapper was taken into custody after police alleged C – Blu and an Officer were tussling over a firearm when shots went off .”

who is rapper C Blue?

For your kind information, his real name is Kevin Perez. He was born on April 20, 2003, and is now around 18 years old. He hails from the Bronx. At a very small age, C Blue attains many milestones. He became a successful rapper and public figure with his raps and songs. We have found the Youtube channel with his name having around 20k subscribers at the time of writing this time. 

He has thousands of fan following on social media. He met with many big names in the industry and did many songs with them. His passion and dedication to singing can be attributed to his success in the field.

C did not have any Wikipedia page on the internet. One source claims that he has a brother and sister in the family apart from mother and father. 

Kay Flock’s Affiliate C Blu Rapper

Kay Flock lawyer Scott E. Leemon confirmed the arrest of the former on December 23, in the charge of shooting a 24 years old man who is waiting for his turn outside the Harlem barbershop. Hernandez was shot on his neck and back by Perez when they confront him outside the shop. Later when the victim was admitted to the hospital, he was declared dead.

One wrote on Facebook “New footage related to #kayflock murder cases reveals despite what police claims.. the person who police claim is #kayflock didn’t go in the barbershop and start the altercation with the victim. Seems the victim saw him walking by and tried to confront him.”


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