In this blog, we are going to discuss Fardeen Khan who is popular TikTok star trending after the rumors of his death broke out on the internet. There are multiple sources claiming him dead due to serious injuries that happened following an accident. Social media users shared hundreds of mourning messages. Our team also extends condolences to his family members for the great loss. Keep reading till the end to explore more about him. 

Who was Rapper Fardeen Khan?

Fardeen Khan was a rapper, artist, and YouTuber. Well known for being a TikTok star. He had a heavy fan following on the world-famous short video sharing platform TikTok where the artist shows their talents.  He used to uploads his rap songs on the same and entertained the masses. Personal information like age, girlfriend, net worth remain unidentified at the moment. He looks very young some rumors claimed him to be in his early 20s. Fardeen Khan Instagram has more than 88k followers at the time of writing this article. In a short span, he earned name and fame all thanks to his hard work and dedication. 

TikTok Fardeen Khan Death

The TikTok star was trending all over the internet following the saddening news of his accident. He has a mass fan following who loves him for his work and performances. His fan likes his short rap and always looking forwards to more. The way a young and passionate rapper died shattered hundreds of hearts. Fardeen was an emerging rapper who always tries his best to make people happy and entertained with his content. You can visit his Youtube channel where he posts his raps songs. There are around 5.6k subscribers.

Fardeen Khan Accident

Fardeen Khan Accident was reported to happen on 13 March 2022. The collision was too serious that he sustained serious injuries on his body and blood loss. Later when he got admitted into a nearby hospital khan was declared dead. His friends and colleagues share heartfelt condolence over the loss of an emerging artist. Although exactly what happened at the site remains undisclosed at the moment. We are gathering more information to update you further on this. So make sure you follow our 

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