Just a few minutes back, we got the news that Religious leader Jasmin Bekric is arrested for money fraud. Is this news true? or was Jasmin Bekric Arrested? All these questions were answered in the below articles. Let’s start with who is Jasmin Bekric?

Who is Jasmin Bekric?

Mufti and a religious leader Jasmin Bekric has become another Trending and a hot topic on social media. The chairman of the Bosnian Islamic Council of Australia, Jasmin Bekric is arrested for money laundering.

jasmin bekric muftija

He is an Islamic leader who runs a religious council in Syndey. He has been collecting donations from community groups across Australia intended for overseas charities. Bekric is mufti of the Islamic Community of Bosniaks in Australia since 2009 even he is also a member of ABH Islamic Society Dzemat Smithfield.

In 2019, he and his community had expressed condolences to the families of the terrorist attack in New Zealand. Bekric notes that terrorism is unfairly attributed to Muslims. However, such a crime could happen from various ideologies. With Bekric’s recent arrest, many people have expressed their shock on Twitter and Instagram.

His Age is around 55 years and his birth name is Jasmin ef Bekrić. Our team is working on collecting his family information.


Jasmin Bekric Arrested

Sources claim that Jasmin Bekric is arrested for money fraud. He is suspected of misusing the charity money around $100,000. The investigation team has officially confirmed this news and on all social media, this news is in trend.

It proves Bekric guilty of misusing the funds intended for charity in western Sydney.

Earlier this year, police officers targeted Bekric and his organization. He was suspected of any fraudulent activities.

However, there was no valid proof to sentence him to prison as it was only confirmed unofficially.

During an investigation, police discovered many proofs in Alan Street, Yagoona. They seized many irrelevant documents and cash around $6000.

He is charged with seven counts; money fraud, weapon possession, three counts of false statement.

Jasmin Bekric is taken to Bankstown Police Station.

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