I wondered if you heard about Roberta Paulsen. An old woman was reported to be dead after sustaining serious injuries from being trampled by the horse in a protest. The protester was peacefully protesting on the roads against the policy and restrictions of covid 19. During the same Ottawa police officer on the horse trampled the people in the way. There are lots of videos and pictures circulating around on social media related to the incident. Stay with us to unfold further facts and information. 

Who was Roberta Paulsen?

Roberta Paulsen was an old woman from Ottawa, Canada who was trending after the reports of her tragic passing came into the public domain. She was one of the protests in Ottawa when she got trampled by the horse. Her personal information is not revealed as of now. There is no official obituary notice from the family members.


The protestor was against the restriction imposed by the Canadian government in the wake of covid 19. As per the details available, the same is peaceful and well organized. “Roberta Paulsen, a Canadian grandmother has just died. She was trampled to death by mounted Canadian police as they rode their horses through a crowd of peaceful protesters,” said John Lamb on Facebook. 

Following her death news many shares tributes and condolences with old woman family members. At the same time, many show their anger against the government and police officers for the brutal act. 

Roberta Paulsen Ottawa Wikipedia

There are so many videos getting viral on social media platforms related to Roberta and how she gets trampled. The video shows officers on the horses insensitively crossing over the protestors forgetting that all of them are their citizens. There is worldwide backlash received by the Ottawa police officer for the same. 

“My heart is breaking I made this tribute for Roberta Paulsen who was killed in Ottawa today. Trampled on by horses that were operated by law enforcers. because she wanted to have a peaceful protest is now dead. Shame on all involved I am one sickened Canadian”


There are some sources confirmed that police officers present at the scene threatened them to retreat otherwise they will start arresting people. Later on, the Twitter page of the Ottawa police said protesters were aggressive towards the officer. And to maintain the peace officer has already retreated from the place of the incident. 

Brad Locke reacted on the Ottawa woman trampled “As a veteran who has proudly worn this countries flag on my shoulder on domestic and foreign operations, and as a former police officer, I am disgusted and appalled at what I am seeing coming out of the streets of our National Capital. Tonight I am not a proud Canadian.

The abuse of authority, the excessive use of force, and the cowardly actions of the “authorities” in Ottawa are unbelievable.” 

Woman trampled by Horse – Dead or Alive

Due to lack of information, we can’t confirm whether the Woman trampled by horse died or is still alive. There are some sources on the internet claiming her alive but with some injuries. Our team is trying its best to gain further knowledge of the incident. And will make sure to update you further. Grin & Tonic wrote “NO lady died, walker or otherwise. It’s another fun rabbit hole of a lie for the tin foil hat set. They even cited her name as “Roberta Paulsen”


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