The last hardcore surf shop’s owner Rockin Fig passed away on 16 July 2021. The news of the death is recently confirmed on social media. Rockin Fig was the owner of the hardcore shop in California. The information about the death is spreading like a fire on social media. Within few hours the news got so much attention from all over the world. People of California sharing their deep condolence on the death. So far there is no proper disclosure of the cause of death. In the article, we will talk about Rockin Fig Death, Death Cause, Wiki, Biography, etc. So keep reading till the end of the blog.

Rockin Fig Death

Rockin Fig Death

Rockin Fig demise news is firstly confirmed by Hidden Huntington Beach through a Facebook post on 16 July 2021.  In the post, a member talked about how big this loss of life is to California. He continued that  Rockin was the most historic symbol in the history of Huntington Beach. After a few hours of the post, people started reacting with so many tributes and condolence.  The factor which makes the death of Rockin Fig more attentive is that he is one of the last Hardcore surf shop owners. The situation around the death is not clear in the post.

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Rockin Fig Death Cause

The Reason for Rockin Fig’s sudden death is still a matter to be disclosed. There is no official information clearing the cause of the death. We will let you know about it,  once we collected the complete information that belongs to the matter.

As per eastbaytimes: ‘Rockin’ Fig,’ the voice of surfing, dies at age 65

Rockin Fig Wiki

Rockin Fig is one of the owners of hardcore surf in California. He is very famous for the surf in the area. The information related to his personal life like his Age, Career, Wife, Children, etc. are not available in the public domain. Rockin did not have many interviews from which we can collect some information. Maybe he dislikes his personal information to be made public. Or there may be some other reason which we don’t know.  He is currently in the social media limelight because of his sudden demise. The information about his death is given by the Hidden Huntington Beach group on Facebook. In the message, there is no clue which specifies the Cause of his death. On his death, We shared our deep tribute with his family members. May God provide them sufficient strength to bear this difficult time.

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