Royce Reed is trending on the internet and many people are searching for her personal life. They want to explore Royce Reed’s boyfriend and other personal details such as her past affairs and early life. If you are one of them then it is a suitable post for all of you who are searching for this. As far as we know Dwight Howard is professionally a basketball player who was Royce Reed’s ex-boyfriend and the couple had a son together.

Royce Reed Boyfriend

We want to tell you that they made it the first time Royce was a dancer for Orlando Magic magic in the air from 2005 to 2006. Unfortunately, they broke up due to unknown reasons after that in the year 2008 both of them have faced a battle for the custody of their child. Royce Reed was considered as a primary caregiver and receiver of substantial child support payments from Dwight. Now many people want to know who is Royce Reed’s boyfriend in the year 2022.

Who Is Royce Reed’s Boyfriend?

Through our sources, we got to know she seems to be single as of now. Her boyfriend has not been discovered yet. Her former boyfriend was an American Professional basketball player, for a long time both of them were in a strong relationship even they had a son together. But over time, they faced some trouble in their relationship which is why they decided to split. After that, they also dropped their child’s lawsuit where Royce Reed was known to be the primary caretaker. And Dwight Howard is known for paying significant child support.

Royce Reed’s Son

Now the news is coming out which is getting viral day by day that Royce Reed has been arrested and she has been charged for child neglect. As per the documents which were found by radar the actress had turned herself into police on Thursday, March 10 in Orange Country Florida, and was charged with neglect of a child, a third-degree felony. Royce Reed’s son is 14 years old whose name is Braylon, shares him with her ex.

Royce Reed Arrested?

Now she will have to fulfill the conditions which were established by a judge including the prohibition of hanging out with children under the age. He is accused of breaking the rules and Royce Reed is responsible for that. Many are showing interest to know about this controversy now Royce Reed had filed a lawsuit against Howard for neglecting her child. It was also published earlier that Howard has whipped with a belt years previously. As per the representatives of the Florida department of children and families investigation was ended in November with complaints of physical injury.

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