Rudy Pena was one of eight casualties of the Travis Scott headed ‘Astroworld Festival’ in Houston. He recently goes Viral on Social media. Rudy Pena was a big fan of the rapper and singer Travis Scott and his music. Rudy Pena was one of the unlucky fans of singer Travis Scott who lost his life at a very young age because of a dense crowd march on the November 5 concert of Travis Scott titled Astroworld Festival. Be on the blog to know more about the victim Rudy Pena.

Who is Rudy Pena?

Rudy Pena was an American concertgoer. He usually goes to Music concerts with his favorite singers. Rudy Pena was a passionate fan of rapper and singer Travis Scott. On the November 5 concert of Travis Scott which name is ‘Astroworld Festival,’ Rudy Pena lost his life because of a crisis when the crowd surged towards the front right before the singer was about to start. Sources claim that he was very young to die and his lovely singer’s concert become the reason for his death. May his Young Soul Rest in Peace.

Rudy was one of the 50,000 attendees of the concert who were equally excited to see Travis clearer. Pena is reported to hail from a Latin background. He was one of the last victims of the concert to have been identified. He takes his last breath at the Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, where he was taken after he was retrieved. Sources report that he was unconscious due to the concert chaos and may have lost his life due to respiratory complications.

Rudy Pena Astroworld

Rudy Pena becomes the victim of a Tragidic incident that happened in Travis Scott Concert. His Painful Death goes viral on social media and thousands of people were paying tribute to him.

Famous News channel Wrote on Twitter:

“There was a floor of bodies, of men and women, below two layers of fallen people above them, said a survivor of the deadly Travis Scott concert, who managed to escape and tried to get help but was ignored.”

The eight victims’ ages were 14, 16, two were 21, two were 23, and one was 27 years old, while one of the victim’s ages is yet to be reported. According to Houston’s mayor, no people are reported missing, while 13 people are still hospitalized among 25 admitted. The news has shocked many celebrities, while Travis has also shown his remorse for what happened. 



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