russell flowers were the bodyguard of Dubai princess haya. their secret relationship got exposed when they were caught red-handed by Sheikh: bodyguard russell flowers secret relationship affairs with princess haya are now exposed on the internet. Everyone is talking about them as it become a hot gossip topic on the internet. princess haya is prominently known as the sixth wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a Dubai ruler. People were curious to know about the russell flowers princess haya.

russell flowers

who is russell flowers bodyguard?

russell flowers is the bodyguard of popular  Dubai Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein. They both were trending on the internet as their relationship got exposed on the internet. According to the sources, Sheikh doubts that they have been together for years. His doubts were correct when he made a surprise visit to London home, where they spotted together. Sources also claimed that Sheikh and Haya’s four years of marital affairs ended after knowing the shameful truth of his princess haya. we also received the news that Sheikh initially divorced her. Later russell was also removed from the Arab Royal duties.

princess haya and russell flowers affiars

According to the reports, Russell Flowers left his wife in 2017. She found out that Flowers is having an affair with Haya Bint Hussein. Even sources also reveals that Dubai Ruler Must Pay Ex-Wife $700M in Divorce Settlement. Russell wife was broken when she know about the shameful act of her husband. she found photos of Haya in a swimming costume. She even discovered a contraceptive in his washbag. Eventually, Russell said he has no feelings for her anymore, her friends added. No wonder, his behaviour with his life partner is disgusting. The pair separated and filed for a divorce.

As of 2021, Russell Flowers is 38 years old. In contrast, Haya and Russell were madly in love. She once gifted Russell £50,000 hunting rifle. She used to shower with extravagant gifts to Russell, then 37, former bodyguard. It was like a bribe to keep the affair’s secrets. Russell Flowers and Princess Haya were in a romantic relationship. Their love was secret for many years, a source confirmed.

On the internet People are criticizing them, they are saying: “Haya made a relationship with a married man. Haya should be shamed, the way she destroyed the home of a woman. “

As per Daily Mail, Russell is the ex-soldier and has served as the bodyguard. Their illegitimate love affairs have ruined three lives. When Dubai heir Sheika realized his wife Haya is having a close relation with bodyguard Russell.

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