Recently Sandx.lop TikTok video has hit the internet hard. Everywhere on Reddit people are talking and commenting on the amusing video. the video has been watched by lots of people and circulated all over social media platforms. In this blog, we will discuss exactly what happened in the viral TikTok. So keep reading to discover everything about the girl.

Sandx.lop TikTok

Who is Sandx.lop TikTok?

Sandx.lop is tiktoker by profession. She has around 80 followers on the short video sharing platform. Not much information is available on her personal stuff. From her bio on social media, it was confirmed that she is a student at Wake Forest University. according to the sources she is 23 years.

Her recent accidental viral video got an insane response from social media users. Which we can definitely see through the spike in the number of followers. Now let’s talk about Sandra’s new video. You can find her on Instagram with 390 followers. Her posts are private so we cant access them.

Viral Sandx.lop TikTok Video

As in the video, the girl was present at her college football match. During the match, she was trying to have a kiss with her recently dated boy. then the pair suddenly got turned away from each other just like they are playing a game. Sandx.lop was with hhhhggggllll TikTok at that time. He was her new date. He speaks about the viral clip and elaborates a little bit to make things clear on Reddit.

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She wasn’t at all aware that she was captured in a live tv broadcast of the match.  Her sudden reaction after looking at the camera was found amusing by viewers of viral videos. The funny video has been seen thousands of times.  No doubt that clip was embarrassing for the couple.



One wrote reacting to the video “They are a couple (they recently dated) and that is a common inside joke between them (one leans in to kiss, and the other cums). They didn’t know they were being filmed. The girl tells it TikTok”


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