We are saddened to bring it to your notice that Scotty Wray is no more among us. Sources confirmed that he died of heart-related complications. He was performing with the Scotty back since she was in her teenage. Scotty was also known for being Miranda Lambert’s Longtime Guitarist.  Our team shared heartfelt condolence with her family members for the irreparable loss. Keep reading to learn more about her. 

Who was Scotty Wray?

Scotty Wray was 38 years old at the time of her death. Till the date, He is best remembered for being the Miranda Lambert lead Guitarist. His performance on the stage has no match. He always tried his best and performed well in every circumstance. Wray has a huge fan following. People love watching her mind-blowing guitar performance with the lead singers.


Talking about his personal life he was the brother of ’90s hitmaker, Collin Raye. Scotty achieved so much in his life. His passion and dedication are some of the reasons behind his success in the field. Apart from being a guitarist, he had also co-written multiple songs with Miranda. Noticeable like I Wanna Die, Easy Living, and Gravity Is a Bitch. He did not have any Wikipedia page on the internet.


What happened with Scotty Wray?

The tragic passing of the amazing guitarist was confirmed on Feb. 18, 2022. Thousands of RIP and mourning messages replete the social media platforms. His colleagues, friends, and fan base everyone got shattered with his sudden passing. Miranda Lambert herself mourns her passing saying “Heavy heart post💔. Last night I lost one of my most treasured friends, bandmates, and road family members, Scotty Wray. We met in 2001 in Greenville Texas. I was 17. That was the beginning of our journey together. We went through so much life together on and off the stage.”

No one can deny his contribution to the music industry. He spent almost his life making people dance to his tune. Now everyone is remembering all those past moments and beautiful memories they have spent together. 

Miranda revealed that Scotty was her companion back when she was just 17 years old. 

she further added on Twitter “He was the 1 I could count on. Always. No matter what. If he was there on my right side I felt like I could take on the world. Scotty Wray was family to me and I’ll never sing a note without him because I know he is there with me. He always has been. I love you, my sweet Bud Wray”

Scotty Wray Miranda lambert Guitarist Cause of Death

As per several reports, Scotty Wray Death was caused due to health-related problems. He was facing the same for the past couple of months. He fought well with the same till his death.

Reacting to his death John Irvan said “I just learned of Scotty’s passing. I’m praying that Miranda (Lambert) is right about him being in heaven right now. He was one special person. When I knew him, he was a teenager with the talent of a seasoned veteran guitar master. His laugh and that smile. Oh, that smile of his is forever burnt into my brain. I love you, Scotty. Pray that I’ll see you again.”

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