shirley bottolfsen death: The saddening news of Shirley Bottolfsen’s death has hit the internet hard. She was 87 years old woman based in Norway who is popular for her humanitarian works. She spent the prime day so her life serving society. In 2005, Shirley garner 7 million kroner for the purpose of helping the poor in the city. The circumstances around her death are yet to revealed. Many paid tributes and post mourning messages on social media to mark their respect for the lady. 

who was shirley bottolfsen?

Shirley Bottolfsen was an Irish woman belongs from Bodø, Norway. She was 87 years at the time of her death. She spent most of her life helping the needy people of her society. Whether it is financial help or social she never took her step back when it comes to poor. One source claims that she raised money for more than forty-five years and during the period helped thousands of needy.

Shirley was a married, woman. Her first husband was a  Norwegian sailor. But unfortunately, she lost him in an accident on the sea. She was blessed with two children from his first husband. Later in 1983, she married a dentist named Per Bottolfsen. According to her Facebook profile, she worked for 23 years as a Tannlege assistant to Tannlege Per Bottolfsen.

Shirley was working with The Salvation Army (TSA) which is a Christian church and international charitable organization. The organization has worldwide popularity and has an active member of around 1.7 million. She raised money for helping the poor families by standing for multiple hours in Glasshouse called Glasshuset. The entire money she raised from these activities was used for fulfilling the poor basic needs. 

Shirley Bottolfsen Death

The devastating news of Shirley Bottolfsen passing left a hundred numb and bereft. She was a polite, humanitarian and lively woman. There is so much one can learn from her simple life. she inspires thousands in her life to help needy people in some way possible.

The exact circumstances around her death are yet to reveal. Our team will keep you updated with the latest findings on the subject. 

Cause Of Death

So far there is no proper confirmation from the family or relatives clearing the reason behind her sudden passing. But as we all know she was in her eighties which is likely that she has died of illness. No doubt she will always be in the hearts of each and every single person who received her help in the time of need. May her soul rest in peace. 

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