A shocking jimin makeup artist video is trending on the web is one of the professional makeup artists of the BTS, whose name is not known yet. She has come in the headline with a shocking confession that will melt your heart. As far as we know the young make-up artist has fallen in love with one of the BTS members, whose name is Jimin.

She was working as a make-up artist with them for a long time. Now she has gone viral and many news websites are covering this news to gain traffic. She has posted a video of her, in which we can see her confessing that the artist has decided to leave her job after she fell in love with one of the BTSs stars

jimin makeup artist video

As we know, BTS is one of the most liked groups in the world. Millions of people follow them, if you are one of their die-hard fans then you may follow them on social media sites. BTS group posts its latest updates with its fans, and the makeup artist video has gone viral.

jimin makeup artist video

Millions of fans are circulating the video on the web as they want to know who is that make-up artist. Unfortunately, we have not come to know any info related to her,  as far as we know she was working with Jimin, who is so attractive, he is the crush of millions of people.

In the viral video, she has said that all the members are so respectful and grateful artists. She also mentioned that Jimin is one of the nicest and kindest guys she has ever met.  She was unable to continue her job just because of him that is why in the end she made he final decision that she does not want to carry on her job. She is also being popular now among people, you might be in the swim about.

who is jimin makeup artist?

Now we can say she is an emerging star, and people have started to recognize her on the web. She is the center of attraction, who is grabbing lots of love these days because her reason for giving up on the job was so different which was not expected by anyone.

She is a pretty young woman, her exact age is not familiar neither we know her family background and more. Research is going on we will let you know as soon as we come to know more about this for more viral news stay connected with us on the Deathmilitia.

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