Recently the missing news of Steven Butler is in its full swing on social media platforms. So many social media users wanted to know where is Steven and in what situation. The news of his missing was registered with the Champaign police and the case is under investigation. The case was registered by the boy’s father on Thursday at 7:30. When police started their investigation in search of a 14-year-old boy, they founded a body in a ditch which is brutally beaten. Keep reading to know more about the entire story.

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Steven Butler Found Dead

Steven Butler Missing

The missing news of a 14-year old innocent boy, Steven Butler got registered with the Champaign police on Thursday. After the news broke out in public so many social media users show their support towards the family members. And also pray that the family gets the child back as soon as possible.

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Here is what his father wrote on social media: “Please help!! My 14 year old son is missing! His name is steven butler and Hes been missing since 5pm. His phone was shut off. He has never just stayed gone. He never leaves for more than an hour at most. He left his money and didnt have anything other than his phone. Please help!! He doesnt know anyone here. No friends. He left to mow a yard and the guy said he came and mowed. Thats the last he was seen or heard from. God please bring my son home!!!!!!”

To help the poor father of a missing child so many people, as well as organizations, came forward to show their support. Here is the post of a non for profit organization showing the detail of the lost child:

In the comment section of the post so many peoples wish for the safe return of Steven Butler.

Steven Butler Found Dead

Recently the police found the 14-year-old dead body which matches the appearance of Steven Butler. When the family members were called to examine the same, then it proved that the dead body is none other than steven butler. Our sympathy goes with the heartbroken family members of the boy. May his soul rest in peace. A man is in police custody in the relation to the case. We are gathering more information to find out the details of the suspect and why he killed the innocent boy so brutally.

“UPDATE: Steven was found, deceased. Please keep his family and loved ones in your prayers.
Please Share…”

Steven Butler Obituary

“Steven looked so sad in this life. He was only 14. LORD helps us to reach this world. God surround him with your love in heaven. Prayers for his family left behind in this world to bear such sorrow as a loss of a child.”

“So sorry for your loss. R.I.P sweet boy. Prayers for the family and loved ones.”

“Another life lost too soon. I’m so sorry. Prayers going out to the family. So many prayers and hugs.”

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Steven Butler Wikipedia

 Steven Butler is a 14-year-old boy. His full name is  Steven Wayne Butler III. At the press time, we did not have any personal information related to the boy. Stay connected because more information is coming very soon. 

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