We are mourning the tragic passing of Warner Elementary school principal and phenomenal person Terrance Newton. He was confirmed as dead in a tragic motorcycle accident.

The accident marks serious injuries to his body due to which he succumbed to the injury. He was a great man who have significant influence over his student. His unexpected passing leads to many hearts broken down into pieces.

We will unfold more details about dr. Terrance newton motorcycle accident in this blog. So make sure you stay with us to get a complete report of his demise. 

terrance newton

Who is Terrance Newton?

Terrance Newton is a Warner Elementary school principal and an amazing teacher. He has a big role in shaping the life of hundred of his student.

Terrance left a great influence on his loving student. He belongs from Wilmington. He married Paula. The couple was blessed with the son Ezra who studied at B. DuPont Middle School.

People remember him for his knowledge and wisdom which he spread to others all his life. Being a kind, down-to-heart man he was a caring dad too. He considered all his students as his own son and make them useful to society in many ways. Considering his motivating story, NBC Nightly News broadcasted him two years back. From where people started knowing about him. 

Terrance Newton Death

NBC Nightly News recently broadcasted the saddening news of Terrance newton unexpected death due to a shocking motorcycle accident. The collection was too serious that it leads to many serious injuries to his body. Exactly what happened at the site is yet to be disclosed.

There are lots of questions that are hovering around in your brain. But due to limited trusted leads, we cannot answer. Our team is trying its best to gain further knowledge of the incident. and will surely update this blog once have enough to share.

Our team shares heartfelt condolence with the family, friends, colleagues, and dear students of Terrance. 

“Dr, Terrance Newton epitomized excellence, compassion, and leadership in education. I remember the first segment about him broadcast on NBC Nightly News 2 years ago.

His life’s work is one worth emulating and the impact he made in the lives of countless students will be paid forward. His passing came much too soon.”

Died in Motorcycle accident

The tragic passing of Dr Terrance Newton broke hundred of hearts. And left them numb and silent. He was 47 years old at the time when a horrendous accident took his life.

There are lots of RIP and mourning messages all over the social media regretting his untimely departure. Reubetta Chavers said reacting to the scene “NBC Nighty News broadcasted a follow up story tonight, sharing the sad news of Dr. Newton’s death. Pray also for the new principal who now must take over and continue the beautiful work Dr. Newton began. Praying for this school to continue to thrive. “


Another said “Mass today dedicated to two great human beings who left us too soon. First Dr. Terrance Newton Principal of an elementary school in Wilmington, Delaware, was killed in a motorcycle accident in March. A man who loved his students and who did great things for them.”


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