Famous TikTok Wayne Duplock aka Big Chubby recently passed away. Fans claim his cause of death was Pleurisy.

Wayne Duplock, also known as Big Chubby is a popular content creator of TikTok. But recently he is going viral on Social media for a different reason. According to the sources, Famous TikToker Big Chubby aka Wayne Duplock has recently passed away. His mother and wife confirmed his Death news on his Tiktok account by uploading a video. We will learn more about the case in the article later.

Big Chubby

Who is Wayne Duplock, aka Big Chubby?

Wayne Duplock whose full name is Wayne Stephen Duplock was an internet sensation who goes viral on the internet for his family content on TikTok. He usually uploads entertaining content which people will love. He was a popular social media celebrity but unfortunately, he is now no more with us. He started gaining popularity when he once uploads an inspirational video featuring professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. After this video, he goes viral for uploading inspiring family content and people started loving his content. You can also find his daughter on TikTok in several videos.

Big Chubby, the 38 years old became a famous social media personality from Leicester, England is no more with us now but he will be always remembered for his amazing Content on TikTok. No doubt that he was one of the unlucky people, who died at a very young age. As we said, Wayne Duplock gains huge popularity on Social media. As of now, he has 600k+ Followers and 16millions + views on his TikTok account. Even he has more than 20k followers right now on his Instagram account. His lasts posts on Instagram are of hospitals.

Big Chubby Death

The lovely TikToker Wayne Duplock, aka Big Chubby, is no more with us. Thousands of his fans pay tribute to him on Social media. His supporters and fans were totally upset because of losing an inspiring person. According to the sources, netizens were claiming that Big Chubby cause of Death is Pleurisy. However, Three days before his death, he posted a video from the hospital bed to receive treatment. Even he mentioned that he was in the Pleurisy unit. And now he is dead. That;’s why this clearly shows that Pleurisy becomes the cause of Wayne’s Death. 

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Does Wayne Duplock die of Pleurisy?

Our beloved TikToker, Wayne Duplock was passed away. Hundreds of netizens were claiming that his cause of death is Pleurisy. Although any confirmation is not yet released by the family of Wayne. Even his official obituary is also not yet released. Our team is connected with the social media of the Wayne family and we will update you if we get anything. Wayne’s wife, mother, and daughter were passing through deep sadness this time. Our Sympathy is with them. May God gives them the courage to pass this difficult time. This is all we know about Wayne Duplock right now. 

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