Twene Jonas trending from the past few hours after his arrest news has been spread all around on the internet. Twene Jonas is a youtube, social influencer, and filmmaker often known for his critical videos. In his videos, he was often seen comparing the USA cities and ghana to insult the latter. And again he was in trouble for the same habit. In his recent critic he reportedly defames Kumasi Great king Otomfour Osei Tutu and due to which Ghana authorities are behind him.   

Who is Twene Jonas? Biography

Twene Jonas was born on June 16, 1991, in Kumasi, Ghana. He was blessed to the couple  Awura Ama Akye.  and  Agya Frank Twene. His name  is well associated with the tag “Didi Free”, “Glass Nkoaa”, “247 The System is Working”

He later shifted to the USA. On social media, he was amassed decent among of fan following. Like if you talked about Instagram then he has around 203k followers. He was often seen to be unsatisfied with Ghana’s political and local authorities for the poor management. You can find him on Twitter as well on which he has 48.8 k followers.


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In the videos, Jonas compared the USA with ghana with the intention to humiliate Ghana. He often faces criticism from the people on social media but still, he follows the same. At the same time, some people appreciate him for exposing the government shortfall. Now, this is up to you whether you take his words as positive criticism or an insult to the country. Like one wrote “Politician is happy doing videos to talk about this… Politician, I mean a serious politician is focusing on Twene Jonas. This country is headed for the worse. They are angry cos Jonas is exposing them.”

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“How many people have been trying to “correct” our leaders over the years and how many got their attention and that of the entire nation like Twene Jonas? You think we’d be here discussing him if he came meek, begging, and asking nicely?”

Twene Jonas Arrested

Twene Jonas Arrested

Many sources on the internet spreading the word that Twene Jonas got arrested for humiliating Ghanaian authorities but this is not the case. So far there is no official confirmation from the USA police relate to the same. There is no evidence claiming the arrest so it is a request don’t believe in that statement. One reports claims that ghana authorities are in a consistent search for him to start the Twene Jonas deportation process


Hopeson Adorye, a Ghanaian politician claimed that Twene Jonas is hiding somewhere in the USA. The place where he lived was empty now. Further, he said Twene was living in the united states with fake documents, and government authorities trying their best to deport him. We will share more updates when there would be anything new.

Nsɛm foo wrote on Twitter “It’s very pathetic that a grown man like Hopeson Adorye will have nothing better to do than to prove that a small boy is a liar. This shows Twene Jonas is unto something and must be supported. Funny how he conveniently ignored his fix the country rants to focus on the trivial. Smh”




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