We are saddened to announce the passing of the Founder & CEO of RG Fiber,  Mike Bosch. He was a great entrepreneur best known for being the brother of American actor Johnny Yong Bosch. The unexpected news of his demise was confirmed by Johnny through a post on Twitter. Social media platforms outpour the RIP messages following the news. Our team also wanted to extend our condolence to the family members for the great loss. Stay with us to learn more about Michael bosch life. 

Who was Mike Bosch?

Mike Bosch was a successful entrepreneur from Baldwin City, Kansas, United States. He was the founder of RG Fiber. The company was established in 2015 and rocking since then.

The same provided FREE and Reduced Cost internet to over 300 low-income families in the country. Mike was a motivated and passionate man when it comes to his work.

On his own, he achieved so much in his life. He was a married man with a beautiful wife and children. Information related to his age, and net worth remains undisclosed at the moment.

“It is sad to hear the passing of RG Fiber CEO/Founder Mike Bosch. Mike had the perseverance of no other. Why he continued in Spring Hill after such a huge slap in the face by Mayor Ellis, Tyler Graves, Andrea Hughes, and Chris Leaton is a testament to his will to serve those with poor internet. May he be at peace and his family be in all our prayers.”

You can visit his Facebook page. His last post was in February month “Proud to support Mike Rowe and his Foundation’s work to raise awareness on the men and women in the skilled trades that continue to build and maintain this great country of ours. Still waiting for a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) episode.”

Mike Bosch Death

The news of Mike Bosch passing was confirmed by his brother Johnny Yong Bosch through a tweet. As he was an American actor with a mass fan following the news went viral in a short span. Johnny was best known for playing the role of adam Parker in Black Power Rangers and later got the chance to play Green Zeo Ranger. 



He said mourning the death of his brother “I wasn’t planning on posting about this but now that people have found out through Facebook. RIP Mike Bosch. I love you. And it’s just so like you to hold out until April 1st. You fought the good fight, I’ll see you on the other side little brother.”

One reacted to the tweet “Love and condolences. Mike’s a great brother and family member to you and everyone who loved him. May the Good Lord bless his soul and comfort you and everyone who mourns Mike. May his memories and legacy live on through you.”

Johnny Yong Bosch Brother Cause Of Death

As of now, there is no official leads confirming the cause of Mike Bosch Death. We are trying our best to gain further knowledge about the circumstances surrounding his demise. No doubt Mike passing has left the family and friends numb and shocked. Keep them in your prayers. Rest well, Mike! 

“To Mike Bosch – My heart & prayers will always be with Val and the kids. Baldwin lost a great force in your tenacity & generosity. From the early days of RG Fiber and the good days at Midland Railway, Ill cherish my time with you making this town awesome!” wrote Jessica Anne. 

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