vera mekuli lap dance video is going viral on social media. people were asking for more about vera mekuli wiki reddit instagram: A famous and well-reputed personality vera mekuli who is also an NYPD Officer is recently been viral on the internet because of his not-expected incident. According to the news, NYPD Officer vera mekuli is dirty while doing a lap dance with Lt. Nick McGarry. Her video is recorded by the camera and now the video is been trending everywhere on the internet. people were making fun of him and trolling him. We will know more about NYPD Officer Vera Mekuli in the article.

who is vera mekuli?

Vera Mekuli is a  rookie NYPD officer whose video of lap dance with her superior officer is going viral. her video has become a top hot topic on the internet and people were shocked by this. In the form of anger, people were trolling him all over the internet. According to the sources, Vera Mekuli is a newbie to the NYPD who joined the force this year. Meanwhile, Nick McGarry has been lieutenant at the 44th Precinct since July 2010; along with this, the NYPD employed him.

In her lap dance video, both the officer were looking so shameless and don’t hassle to do anything dirty. Because of this lap dance video, rookie officers might face any circumstances as she is new this year on the force. Still, it is unclear about the decision from the high authority. Any confirmation about action against them is not yet received by us. But we will let you update whenever our team gets something. 

vera mekuli lap dance video reddit

Vera Mekuli actual age is not yet disclosed but it seems that he is around 30. Talking about her height, she might be 5’7, and her weight must be 70 kg. There is no such identification about her affair with Nick McGary, lieutenant, and Vera Mekuli. Recently their lap dance went viral on the internet. People are trolling both the officer for doing a dirty lap dance. Hundreds of people were continuously trolling them for this shameful video. 

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