Our Team is totally heartbroken to announce that recently our world lost another legendary superstar named Stephen Critchlow. YES, Stephen Critchlow has confirmed Death on September 19, 2021, at age of 54. We will talk more about him further in this article.

Who is Stephen Critchlow?

Stephen Critchlow was an amazing actor who has thousands of fans and followers from all around the world. His evergreen acting style can never be faded no matter how big the film industry becomes. He was a perfect ideal for many youngsters who wants to come into the Film industry and be like him. In his whole acting career, he keeps his passion alive. He appeared on many theatres and radio series including Truly, Madly, Bletchley, The Way We Live Right Now, and Spats.

Stephen Critchlow

You may have also heard him on radio episodes of Torchwood (Lost Souls) and mainly in Doctor Who (The Nowhere Place). Mr. Critchlow was Trained as an actor at Mountview Drama School based in London.

We mourn the Death of Stephen Critchlow and pray for the peace of his soul. RIP Legend!!!

One Facebook User Wrote: “Stunned by the news of Stephen Critchlow’s passing. This is a typical snap of him in studio. He was such a talent – a chameleon behind the microphone – but also such a genuinely lovely, funny and generous human being. I feel lucky to have kept chatting through lockdown, but I missed his energy in studio. I think I got him in on almost every series as he was just such a delightful presence. The world will be a much, much sadder place without him.”

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Stephen Critchlow Death

Undoubtedly, the life loss of a legendary actor is really painful. Hundreds of internet users who are followers of Stephen Critchlow too were tributes to Stephen Critchlow on social media and passing their heartbroken condolence to his family. Sudden Stephen Critchlow Death makes thousands of people upset because they lost a beautiful hearted legend.

Wireless Theatre official Twitter account wrote: “We are truly devastated to hear of the passing of our dear friend Stephen Critchlow. True audio royalty, a man of many voices, who we were lucky enough to work with so often. He was always the life and soul of any occasion and we will miss him dreadfully. So many happy memories.”

Big Finish also wrote: “With great sadness we have learned that our dear colleague, Stephen Critchlow, has passed away. We were privileged to work with him on dozens of audio dramas. RIP.”

Popular personality Mark Bonnar wrote on Stephen Critchlow Death: “Utterly heartbroken by the death of #StephenCritchlow I worked with him in Cyrano De Bergerac at the NT and on countless radio plays over the years. He was kind and warm and oh god he was funny.. I cried laughing countless times. Loved him..


A Facebook User Posted: “Absolutely heartbroken to hear of the death of the mighty Stephen Critchlow. So brilliant and such wonderful, funny and supportive company. Gosh, he’ll be missed. Many thoughts to his family – Fare forward Critch – here’s to the happy times.”

Another said: What an awful year this has been. And now Critch has gone. Stephen Critchlow was not only a fine actor, he brightened all our lives just by being with us. He was the life and soul of every Green Room. He worked his butt off for you, and then entertained us all in the pub afterwards. He was always positive, always cheerful – he brought life and energy to even the most mediocre production. He cheered you up when you were down, and took the micky out of you if you were getting above yourself. He was a huge life force. He was everyone’s friend. I simply can’t believe he’s no longer with us.

How did Stephen die?

 At this time, Our team has not found any official statement revealing the actual Stephen Critchlow Cause of Death. But we haven’t done yet, our team is working on and we will surely update this article with remaining info. 

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