Virgil Hunter Keyshia Cole Father Death Hoax Explained: Recently the news of Virgil Hunter Death came into the limelight. Although there are some sources claiming him dead but we can’t confirm it yet due to a lack of authentic sources. He is well known to be the biological father of  Keyshia Cole, a popular singer in the united states. Also, there are no messages from her side to validate the rumors. We will talk more about the news and some personal information about Virgil in the following content.

Virgil Hunter, Keyshia Cole Father

Who Is Virgil Hunter?

He is a boxing coach based in the united states. Virgil Hunter was a passionate and hardworking trainer who received recognition for his amazing contribution to the boxing world. In 2011 he received Futch–Condon Award from the Boxing Writers Association of America. According to the sources he was born in November 1953.  Also, he gained popularity after being starred in ‘The Rise of Khan’ in 2016. 

Virgil hunter for me. Remember him shouting at Amir khan in the Canelo fight and thinking, He’s someone you’d fight with and fight for. Great words whilst in the corner in between rounds. Think he’d be exactly what aj needs!”

Virgil is the father of American singer Keyshia who was born on October 15, 1981, in Oakland, California. When she was 2 years, family friends Leon and Yvonne Cole adopted her. Later in 2016 paternity test confirmed the biological relationship between Virgil and cole.

Keyshia Cole Father Passed Away

There are some sources on the internet including some influencer who claims Hunter to be dead at 68 years. But so far there is no official news came out in the context. We are waiting to further confirmation from the family members to have more clarity over the Virgil Hunter dead rumors.


Like everyone else commenting here I don’t know AJ, but from the outside, it looks like AJ calls all the shots in his training. He has been with Rob McCracken for a long time and it all looks too comfortable. He needs a change and a new trainer. Virgil Hunter would be my choice.”

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Rumors Explained

There are some social media users who refused the authenticity of the death hoax. We hope they were right and the legendary boxing trainer has sound heath. 

There’s a rumor out there about something happening to my Coach Virgil Hunter. It’s false! He’s alive and well. Thank God.”

Angela Hunter said invalidating the rumors “Thank you to everyone who is reaching out with concern in regards to hearing about the tragic death of Keyshia Cole’s father. For all inquiring, our father, Virgil Hunter, is alive and well. Please send Keyshia love during this trying time.”


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