VMJ Forex is another trending topic on social media today. Our team recently got the news of VMJ Forex Death. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is totally flooded with RIP comments and tribute paid for the followers and supporters of VMJ Forex. Now let’s proceed with who is VMJ Forex?

Who is VMJ Forex?

VMJ was a renowned South African forex trader. He owns the VMJ Forex education which provides a course on forex trading. He was one of the successful traders in the field who achieve so much in his life. His personal information is not available to us at the moment. VMJ education has an official Instagram handle with the name vmj_forex_education. 

Without any doubt, VMJ has a large community of southern Africa as well as from the countries as the subscribers of his courses. His teaching style and forex trading strategies made him star in the eyes of learners. His death Wednesday this week has broken those hearts.


“I am starting to think that forex traders are being targeted. A few days ago Leadership Monhla was followed in Durban, Lesiba got hijacked and now VMJ has been shotWeary the face, all in less than two weeks! This cannot be a coincidence.” wrote Lukhanyo.

VMJ Forex

VMJ Forex Death

Social media outpours the mourning messages from all around the globe. The death of a famous forex trader, VMJ shattered down so many hearts. The cause of his death was confirmed to be a horrific gunshot. The terrible news got so many anger reactions with the demand of immediate arrest of the shooter.

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The criminal search is in progress. going through the message of social media users, the question is surfacing what a forex education provider did due to which he was killed brutally. So far the question is still a mystery. 


“Leadership Monhla was being followed by a tang Lesiba steez was hijacked n assaulted VMJ Fx was shot to death together with his girlfriend 😪🤚 Dear Lord please protect our brothers n sisters #JusticeForLesiba #JusticeForVMJ #JusticeForMonhla ✊✊✊✊✊”


“It’s so sudden and Unfortunate that you couldn’t witness much of the fruits of the seed of Forex you planted in Me. It’s so sad and Heartbreaking maaan…. This is the main man who showed me how possible it is in Forex and introduced me into the World of Cash 💸 and his guidance helped till today I’m well equipped. Daily learning more and being a Profitable trader. 📈 It’s never easy loosing your beloved ones kodwa ke impilo ain’t that easy. 💔💔💔 Rest Easy King 🤴 Forex World will never be the Same without You VMJ Forex Education”

“Rip to VMJ broe. I know forex trades here in SA aren’t really people’s favorites but what they don’t know is that some of those guys are legit. They inspire and have positively impacted on other people’s lives. May he rest in eternal peace” 

“Rest in peace VMJ… Everybody has their own way to leave us… VMJ FOREX Education brought a living to many. Gone too soon Broos Folded hands. Till we meet again Folded hands” said one on twitter. 

VMJ Shot Dead

VMJ shot dead video is circulating all over the social media platforms. In the video, VMJ can be seen lifeless with the wounds of the gunshot. It was also confirmed from our sources that he was accompanied by three more people including his girlfriend. the investigation of the matter still going on. So far there is no update related to any arrest or suspect. When local police share any lead our team will update this on site. Our condolence is with the family member and close relative whose world shattered down after getting this terrible news.

VMJ Forex education

The total evaluation of VMJ net worth is never disclosed in public by any authentic source. But from his lifestyle, one can easily figure out that his income crosses the millions mark easily. Stay tuned for more information. 

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