Who Is A Roy Oblock? Watch Shooting Video of American Rapper: The news of emerging rapper A Roy Oblock being shot dead was circulated all over the social media platforms. He was American based musical artist who hold a decent amount of fan followings. The video of the rapper being shot and killed was recorded by unknown and published on the internet. Whatever happened to him is really a matter of concern. The investigation is already on its way. There are some sources claiming that a Chicago rapper is the prime suspect in the incident. We will discuss everything our team has collected so far with you further in this blog.

Who is A Roy Oblock?

Oblock Aroy was an American rapper who was trending recently after the video of his killing circulated over social media. He was hard working and a positive guy with so much energy. People enjoy his company and never felt bored. Althoug his personal information like age, net worth, girlfriend, the place are yet to revealed. But some sources confirmed that he was in his 20s. 

A Roy was a member of OBlock which has around 92k followers on the Facebook handle. Stay with the article to watch A Roy Oblock video. 

A Roy Killed

In the viral video of A Roy Oblock Death, he was having a fight in the parking area of a road. Suddenly when Roy went away, the person draw out his gun and shot consistently at the rapper. Later when he was admitted to the hospital, staff declared him dead as he succumbed to the injuries. The video investigation is going on and local police have started their work. some sources claim that the perpetrator is a Chicago rapper. But we can’t verify it yet due to a lack of information. 

A Roy Video 

The video clip recording the whole incident was published on many social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. No doubt the emerging rapper met a brutal end which can be avoided if the nearby watchers interfere and cool down both sides.


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