Larvell Huddleston, 26 years old is trending on the internet related to the Brown Deer shooting incident. The incident happened on February 5, 2022, in which three people lost their lives. The shooter was believed to be Larvell who killed himself after the shooting incident. In the shooting, a female also lost her life due to serious injuries. The female who died was confirmed as his wife. He shot at the police officer in front of his child.  

And during this, he came on Facebook live. The whole incident has shocked the internet netizen.  Some say that he was mentally unbalanced at the time. Keep reading to explore more. 

Who is Larvell Huddleston?

Larvell Huddleston was a 26 years old man from Wisconsin. He was survived by his wife and a child. His wife Arieuna Nichole was 23 years old at the time of her death. At the moment not much about his personal information is available to us. He was also known by the name Velle Vell. In the month of September 2020, he published a music video titled Velle Vell – I’m Back on Youtube.

The video is shotted by Tonyshotlt. He was making news headlines after his name broke out in the incident of the Brown Deer shooting. As per the sources he killed his wife and 31 years old male in front of his child. After attempting shooting he committed suicide by gunshot. The horrifying incident happened in front of a little kid who lost both parents. 

 Brown Deer shooting Facebook Live Video

Larvell Huddleston before shooting at the male in Brown Deer came live on social media. But the video abruptly closed in the between. The viral clip of brown deer shooting facebook live is of around 5 minutes. In which he Larvell can be seen talking and looking anxious. He was not looking mentally stable in the clip as some people believed. The police have already started the investigation and they believe that he is the person behind two death. 

commented on the shooting video “Listening to this man, and I’m completely empathetic towards him, not justifying what he did but I know how he was feeling. I feel he went out with dignity tho. Cause I rather die than feel them cuffs” 

Committed Suicide After Shooting 

As per the reports shared after committing the Wisconsin shooting Vell vell committed suicide. The viral clip abruptly cut down and people believed that he killed himself at last. Self-inflicted gunshot wounds are the reason behind his death as confirmed by our sources. Although the official details are yet to be published these are some popular beliefs at the time.

We will keep you updated with the latest news and happening. So make sure you follow Following the news many shares tributes and condolence with the family and pray for the kid who lost his parents in this horrifying moment. 

Nasty Nasir wrote on Facebook  “Saturday morning 02/05/2022 suspect 26yr old #LarvellHuddleston deceased shot and killed his child’s mother 23yr old #ArieunaNichole and another person an adult white male 31yrs old in front of their child in Brown Deer, Wisconsin.

Police confirm 3 people are deceased 2 shot and killed by Larvell Huddleston and Larvell eventually committed suicide.”


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