roger aguilera was arrested in 2019 on the allegation of killing 4 people with his truck. people are curious to know about roger rguilera.

In this article, we are going to talk about Roger Aguilera who is arrested in 2019 after his truck hit the traffic and killed four people. He claimed that truck brake failure was the prime cause of the fatal accident. The investigation was going on for the year and now the court has found him guilty. He was charged with 110 years old prison.

Following the court decision, so many people opposed and demand reconsider the case. As there Roger did have any fault in this. It was brake failure that results in the death of four people. Keep reading to discover.

roger rguilera

Who is roger aguilera?

Roger Auileera was a truck driver based in Colorado. In 2019, Roger lose control over his truck near Denver reportedly due to brake failure. This caused a massive collision of the truck with the vehicles standing in traffic. The outcome of the fatal collisions came out to be the death of four people. 

One wrote “Roger Aguilera does NOT deserve 110 years. What the actual fuck. His brakes went out. This was an accident but the boy with an AR11 is free to go who INTENTIONALLY killed 3 people. Get it together justice system. You’re so disappointing. This is so sad.”

Our sources confirm that he was survived by his wife and children. He is just 23 years old as claimed by some sources on the internet.  We will keep you updated if we are able to collect more data on him in the future. 

Roger Aguilera Accident

The fatal Roger Aguilera Accident that took place in Colorado claims the lives of four people. Recently on 13 December 2021, the court found him guilty and charged him under many sections of the law including vehicular homicide.


He was sentenced to 110 years old imprisonment for the crime he did. But the general public shows their discontentment with the court decision. As brake failure is something out of the control of the human. It is a situation that leads to a severe collision.

CJ Gosselin reacted to the news “A lot of people post donation links to a cause they believe in for their birthday. With my birthday being the day after tomorrow I would like as many people to sign the petition for Roger Aguilera a man whose brakes gave out on his 18 wheel truck resulting in the death of 4 people. While this is a horrific and tragic thing a 110-year sentence for a true accident is beyond wild. 2 million signatures down 1 million to go.”

roger rguilera truck crash video

Internet netizens sign petitions organized by to reduce Roger’s punishment. Following the decision by the court, JL Transporting services announced “JLTRANSPORTING SERVICES will no longer be doing business in the state of Colorado until Roger Aguilera gets released.”

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