From time to time we get so many human-animal face-offs. And most horrible attacks of animals came from wild chimpanzees. Studies confirmed that they are four to five times more powerful and active than a normal human being. Which provides them with enough strength to give the humans life-changing damages. The damages can not be cured. When it comes to Chim attacks then we can’t forget the 2009 incident of Travis the chimp attack video. The moment when these animals no more are considered friendly by lots of people who knew what happened at that time. Keep reading to explore more about Travis monkey Xanax

Travis the chimp attack video

Travis was the Chimpaze born on October 21, 1995. He was a male common chimpanzee best known for his role in popular movies, shows like The Maury Povich Show,  The Man Show, and commercial ads. He was the pet of the couple Sandra Herold and Jerome Herold who considered him as their baby. Travis also worked for the spots of famous beverage company Pepsi. He was a normal chimpanzee but something happened in the month of February in 2009 which change people’s perception of him. On February 16 he attacked his owner’s friend violently in Stamford, Connecticut.


The attack was too violent that the victim sustain serious damages to the face, eyes, hands. His owner Sandra Herold made his best efforts to stop but everything fails. And finally, when everything looked fail, she stabbed him. This was something very much difficult for her. She said after the incident  “For me to do something like that—put a knife in him—was like putting one in myself”

Travis was still alive after the damage he received.  later when the protection crew was called met his end with a bullet shot. In the next part, we will talk about the damages to Charla nash face and the bulk of surgeries she went through. 

Apes should never be kept sad pets/domesticated/ tested on under any circumstances. They are master escape artists and can unintentionally cause damage to themselves property and other people. Just take Travis the chimp for example. It is cruel and unfair.”

Travis the chimp victim- Who is Charla Nash?

Charla Nash was the close friend of Sandra. She was 55 years old at the time she was attacked by chimpanzees. On February 16, 2009, she came to her friend’s home to meet with Travis. She was helping Sandraget the chimp back in the house. Seeing a children’s toy in her hand suddenly chimp attacked her. The 70 years old Sandra tried her best to prevent but fails. At the time when Nash falls down and appears lifeless.

The Pet owner called  9-1-1 and asked for help. The police crew reached the place, Travis run towards the driver’s side door the officer sitting inside shot him many times to save himself. After the bullet shot the chimp was found dead near his cage in the hose. From the face to other body parts Charla received many serious injuries. There is no part left on the face which is not bleeding insanely.

Travis chimp Photos And Videos

The news of Travis the chimp attack circulated all over and became international attention. The situation of Nash at the place of the incident was described as “horrendous”. The horrific incident leads to lifetime damages to the face of Nash.

If you haven’t heard about Travis the chimp, you should if your into murder stories. This chimp could open doors, do the lawn, drive, and then, later on, ripped his owner’s face apart. It’s really bad for the photos so look at your own risk.” One said on Social media. 


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