What Happened To Makuach Yak? Florida Youth Basketball Coach Found Dead In Delray Beach Park

Makuach Yak Death News: On the internet currently, a name is being searched everywhere, yes we are talking about a noted sports teacher from Flordia who was missing for a couple of weeks. The Florida basketball coach named Makuach Yak was missing for a couple of days and for him, people were going keen to know if he is still alive or not. But recently some news claimed that the Florida basketball coach Makuach Yak was found dead in Delray Beach. Now, on the internet, it has become the talk of the town as everyone in the city is searching for him. Scroll on to read the complete news.

What Happened To Makuach Yak? Florida Youth Basketball Coach Found Dead In Delray Beach Park

However, Makuach’s death has shaken everyone in the city and people are searching about what might have happened to him, how did he die, and so many things related to his unexpected and mysterious death. But the Delray Beach police recently give a statement after which everyone is stunned. The police have confirmed that his death does not seem to be a murder or any criminal nature kind of incident. But now after this statement from the local police, it has become a center of talk that what happened to him and how did Makuach Yak die?

Florida Youth Basketball Coach Makuach Yak Found Dead

The Delray Beach city police recently made headlines after they confirmed that they found a dead body and later the body was identified as Florida’s youth basketball coach Makuach Yak, who went missing on 20th May. According to the reports, the investigating or better say the searching team found the man’s corpse at Delray Oaks Natural Area, off Congress Avenue west of Interstate 95 and south of Linton Boulevard.

Later, the police took their Twitter account where they told them that his death does not seem to be a murder or anything like a criminal offense because they didn’t find any casualties. The basketball 6-foot-4, and weight 160-pound coach, was quite strong in looks and also in physics suddenly went missing, in the last video of him he was seen wearing a purple T-shirt, black running shorts, long white socks, and black sneakers.

What Happened To Makuach Yak?

Now, according to the reports, the 31 years old basketball coach from Florida was missing since May 20th. However, his family got doubts when after a while they didn’t find him anywhere and did not even respond. Later on, they filed a missing complaint after which the local police began an investigation in the matter. However, as soon as the news of his dead body started surfacing on the local media pages and channels, it created havoc resulting in his close ones breaking into tears.

According to the reports, Makuach Yak was lastly spotted around his own home. His last footage was recorded in a CCTV camera where it can be seen that it was around 6:30 a.m. May 20, when the basketball coach was seen leaving his home located on Southwest 10th Avenue. However, it came to know that Yak was going for a regular morning walk therefore in the footage nothing different can be seen.

However, currently, his dead body has been on autopsy and currently, there is not any confirmed news on what actually happened with him. However, the police so far have stated that his death can not be considered murder, but much information on this news is yet to come, so stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on Makuach Yak Death News and other trending headlines.

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