Recently the Caitlin Lockett was trending these days after she was accused of stealing a dog by its owner.  Julie Bryne accused her of posting a long message on her Instagram. She shared the picture of her dog with the same to get help from her followers and users to find the dog as soon as possible. As these kinds of incidents came in long while all the internet netizens’ attention now shifted to the same. Keep reading to explore everything about Caitlin Lockett boat accident

who is Caitlin Lockett?

She was trending after the accusation made by Bryne for taking away her dog. According to her Linkedin profile, she is a National Sales Director working in the field for over nine years. Also, she was a youth mentor at the National resource office.  As confirmed by some sources, she is living in NYC.

Her Instagram account confirmed that she is living both in NYC and Charleston. Lockett was receiving backlash from social media after the claims of stealing the dog made by the owner.  So far there is no response from her side clearing the allegations. We will keep you updated with the latest findings in the case. 

Charleston SC Woman Arrested

There are some rumors surfacing online and spreading that Caitlin Lockett died in a boat accident or got arrested. But so far there is no official information related to the same. No response from the Charleston SC woman has been uncovered until now. It may be possible that all these rumors are just a fallacy nothing more. 

Accused By Julie Bryne

A day before Julie shared how her dog got stolen from her house through a post on her social media account. She detailed the dog (name as Molly ) missing from December 29th, 2021. She accused Caitlin Lockett of providing misleading information by saying that she living in NYC. In addition, juliebyrne24 said Caitlin microchipped in a different name. And that’s how she microchipped a dog twice. 


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A post shared by Julie Byrne (@juliebyrne24)

Through posting the details and images of the accused on social media she requested her followers to help in getting the molly back. “f you have any information please contact me. If you’ve seen my dog, with or without Caitlin please contact me” She has a very emotional relationship with the dog and is desperate to meet again.  



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