Recently the wife of Michael Slater named Jo Slater seems to be in social media trend. When the news of Michael Slater being arrested goes viral on social media, people start looking for more about his wife Jo Slater. Here in this article, we will discuss more Michael Slater Wife Jo Slater.

Who is Jo Slater?

Jo Slater is popularly known for being the wife of Michae Slater. The couple had been together since the early 2000s’. Before tying the knot, they had been in a relationship for a very long time. The couple allegedly met in the darkest of the time. Jo met Michael when he was in depression, and she is the one who helped him through a hard time.  Jo is a yoga teacher by profession and the couple is blessed with 3 children. 

Michae Slater has been on the news for his comments on public matters time and again. Michale’s problematic behavior has been the highlighted part of his career for the past few years. In May, he had made several tweets alleging PM for not letting Australians return to their homeland amid the rising Covid cases in India.

He wrote:

“Amazing to smoke out the PM on a matter that is a human crisis. The panic, the fear of every Australian in India is real!! How about you take your private jet and come and witness dead bodies on the street!”

Michael was even thrown out of the plane for getting into a screaming row with two female friends. He allegedly locked himself in the plane’s toilet. The whole incident was documented by Daily Mail Online in their news segment. 

Michael is a famous social media personality, his every tweet and post will be shared by hundreds of people. His Twitter account has more than 80k followers. 

Michael slater Partner Wife

Recently Ex-Cricketer Michael Slater was Arrested Over Domestic Violence Allegations.  The incident doesn’t come as a surprise as he has a streak of irrational behaviors and online brawls. Currently more about his wife is not available in our database but we are trying our best for collecting more information possible. 


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As reported in Daily Mail Online, the 51-year-old spoke to the police in his home in Manly, Sydney, on Wednesday. He was taken to the Manly Police Station, though no charges have been laid against him. 

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