Recently a new name Candace Reed from John W North High School is surfacing online after her video got viral on social media. The video was shooted by a student during her maths class. In the video, Candace was wearing a  feather crown and trying to resemble like native American.

This leads to the eruption of anger in the Americas. Many called her  “racist” for the action she did in the classroom. You can learn more about the School on its Wikipedia Page. Keep reading to discover more about her further in this blog. 

Candace Reed, John W North High School Teacher

Who is Candace Reed?

Candace is a math teacher at John W North High School, Riverside in California. Her personal information like age, the background are not disclosed by any source yet. The school administration also restrained from giving any information about their teacher.

She trending the past few hours because her mockery video got viral. She received immense backlash from the native Americans as they feel offended by the action of the math teacher. 

Steven Castro asked the school administration”I find it very disturbing that Candice Reed is a credentialed teacher at your institution, and has more than likely been trained in cultural competency, but chooses to disrespect and mock indigenous people. Ironically Riverside County has several local tribal nations in the area they can reach out to for educational purposes and receive accurate first-hand knowledge from our California Indigenous Communities.”  

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Candace Reed Riverside Viral video

The Native American student who recorded the video of his teacher felt offended by her teacher’s resemblance to the indigenous community. So many people on social media demanded immediate action against Candace Reed for her moral act. So far there is no information came out related to any action that has taken place against her.

The school administration also refused to comment on the matter. the principal of riverside unified school district Jodi Gonzales has not revealed anything about the same till now. 

Our team is proactive and will inform you earliest when there is anything new released. 


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“How is it alright for a teacher to be so blatantly racist and out of control around children as Candace Reed was shown to be? Is that what you want your district to be known for. She needs to be fired not on AL, FIRED”


Candace Reed, John W North High School Teacher

Social Media Reaction

Hundreds of Americans are disappointed with the action of the lady and demanding action against the teacher for her insensitive act. On social media spaces like Twitter, Facebook her video was watched by thousands. one wrote praising the student Shadae Johnson, who film her math teacher “As an indigenous educator this makes me disgusted. The students even look embarrassed for her. It’s like watching a train crash. I feel so sorry for this student but how brave of you to expose this educator”

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