Another shocking news goes viral among netizens as a viral DMV rapper named Goonew was shot dead and killed on Friday, March 18. The Sudden Death news of Goonew is getting fire with passing time on the internet. According to the Sources, the Rapper was immediately transported to a local hospital after he was shot at 3400 Bl. of Walters Lane in District Hts, M.D. Investigation reports also revealed that this is a case of homicide shooting. We will cover the further details in the article.

Goonew Death

This news is spreading rapidly and it has been the headline of the news. Tons of people are showing interest to know more details related to this. We have come forward to tell you all the details via this post. He was one of the rising artists, he was growing with the time, there are so many fans of him who are mourning at the moment. No one has expected, VNZA was killed in Missouri in June. You might be in the swim that a Brooklyn rapper has also faced the same incident, he was shot multiple times at St john’s place which is near Troy Avenue in Crown Heights on April 11.

Another rapper who was from Chicago was also having the same fate, his name was KTS Dre. You will be shocked to know that he was shot more than 60 times, on his head and the parts of his body in July 2021. Most of the rappers are being targeted. DMV rapper who died recently. He was pretty popular for his raps, he used to be appreciated for his talent. The rapper also used to be recognized as Goon Rich, Goonwick, and Big64.

Who Was Goonew Rapper?

He has multiple names, as far as we know he was not so active on social media, on his official Instagram account. He used to be followed by more than 150k followers, he used to share his latest pics and projects with his fans. Most famous and hit songs are No Diss, Stain, Touchdown, and more. He was a new wave of rap, he was born and raised in Maryland. This area is known for poverty and violence. his fans are showing their condolence to the family, it is the hardest time for them, they are seeking some private time. We also offer our deep sympathy to the family, may his soul rest in peace.


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