Who Was LeRoy Jasmine & Serrita Mckinney? Georgia Couple Died In A Murder-Suicide

The internet got stunned when very shocking news broke about a California couple where a husband first killed his own wife and later shot himself to death. However, it is not a new incident where something happened like this because, in many counties of the US state, such kind of shocking elements have been happening for a quite long time. Later, the LaGrange police identified the corpses as LeRoy Jasmine And his Wife Serrita Mckinney. As soon as the news started surfacing on the web, people started searching about it and everyone wants to know about what happened with LeRoy Jasmine and why he killed his wife.

Who Was LeRoy Jasmine & Serrita Mckinney? Georgia Couple Died In A Murder-Suicide

Well, so the people on the internet are searching about the California couple who recently got died. The shocking incident of murder/suicide occurred at Jr Food Mart on Whitesville Road Monday night. However, the heart-wrenching incident happened in the parking lot of Jr Food Mart. According to the police reports, when the investigation team reached the spot they found two dead bodies where one was a man and another was a woman, both of the bodies were succumbing to gunshot wounds.

LeRoy Jasmine and Serrita McKinney Shooting

Now, as currently, people are searching for LeRoy Jasmine and Serrita McKinney Shooting Case, therefore we would like to tell you that the shocking incident of a couple’s murder/suicide happened at the Jr Food Mart, located on the 1600 block of Whitesville Road in Georgia, in a parking lot. According to the reports, the man first killed his wife, and later on he pointed the gun toward him and shot himself as well. The lady identified as Serrita McKinney Jasmine, was working at the Women’s Center in Lagrange.

Georgia Lady: Serrita Mckinney Murdered By Husband

However, it is also being said that Serrita Mckinney and her husband LeRoy Jasmine were not lived together for quite a long time. However, the couple probably came to Jr Food Mart for a meeting, but later on, they met with an argument that turned out to be a tiff that later changed into an altercation. Although, it seems like the man was already prepared and made up his mind that he will kill his wife.

According to the reports, Serrita McKinney was a 48-year-old woman. Now, after this shocking scene, a lot of questions are being asked and raised against the law and order system of the county, and many people are asking about the security and safety measures in public places. Well, currently the investigation team is searching for more clues into the matter and the bodies of both have been sent for medical examination. Our saddest condolences are with their family and friends.

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