Imran Riaz Khan Death News: Missing Pakistani Journalist Dead Or Alive?

Since the world got the internet they have become so advance and in the current phase anything can be searched and people can get to know about. Well, on the internet currently another thing is being searched and that is, who is Imran Riaz Khan? Is He Dead or Alive? So, speculations are rife about a very known and brave journalist from Pakistan named Imran Riaz Khan. According to the reports, the man went missing for a long time, and currently people, or better say his well-wishers are getting keen to know if the man is alive or not. So, if you are also one of those who want to know about him then scroll on.

Imran Riaz Khan Death News: Missing Pakistani Journalist Dead Or Alive?

According to the reports, a death hoax recently started to surface on the web about the famous Pakistani journalist named Imran Riaz Khan. However, the world is not currently in the swim about him but the local people and people of his nation know him very well. The man is one of the prominent Pakistani Journalists who is known for his investigative reporting and fearless approach and has been missing for several weeks. And in the current phase, people are talking that perhaps his bravery is the reason behind his missing or whatever is happening with him.

Is Imran Riaz Khan Dead Or Alive?

Speculations are rife that perhaps the prominent journalist of Pakistan has died because several sources are claiming the same news about him. And since he went missing no update has come so far about his presence and this is the main reason why thousands of people are thinking that the man may have died. The biggest thing is, while some people are saying that he might have died due to no evidence about his life status, his followers are still in hope thinking he might be alive and living somewhere.

Currently, the people of Pakistan are searching for him, asking if he is alive or not. However, an online news website and some other officials from the nation have claimed that the man has died, but just because no clarity has been given so far, therefore people are still curious to know if he is alive or not. Also, the Pakistani authorities and other investigation teams have stated that they are searching for more clues on his sudden disappearance which makes people more curious about Imran Riaz.

What Happened To Imran Riaz Khan?

According to the reports, Imran Khan Riaz was got arrested on the 5th of July, 2022 when he was entering the Islamabad Toll Plaza. The man was reportedly driving to the federal capital to seek bail from the Islamabad High Court. However, despite court orders from the Islamabad and Lahore High Courts and the allotment of defensive pre-arrest bail offerings intended to prevent his arrest, the Punjab police stopped his car and arrested him.

Later, a video was uploaded on youtube Riaz appeared saying that if he would remain in jail and was not released from jail, then he would reveal the names of everyone involved in a regime change operation. Now, as it all happened therefore people are assuming that the man might have died because of his brave behavior after all he was trying to go against the administration. Well, let’s see what is true and what is not. Stay in the loop with us to get all the latest updates on all trending news.

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