Mordy Gelfand is one of the most trending personalities, who is also recognized as Michael Gelfand. His loved ones are shocked as of now, they are through a rough time. The reason is clear that he has passed away.

As per the report we got to know that he was reported missing for some months and in the end, his dead body has been discovered. As soon as his family members came to know about this news they have been shocked and devastated.

It is such sad news for all of his known. Let’s find out who was Mordy Gelfand and what is his death caused. Through this post, we have tried to discover almost all the things related to him.

who was Mordy Gelfand?

First, let us tell you that who was Mordy Gelfand? he was one of the businessmen, who was working well in his life.  He was reported to be missing for months. He was an inhabitant of Lakewood Jackson, on the 5th of Jan he went missing when he went for the business trip to New Orleans. After that, he did not come back neither his family had any contact with him after he traveled to New Orleans. 

He was supposed to come back after his work after a day, as per his family. But he was unable to reach home, and there was no info, his family was worried a lot and they filed him missing on the 11th of Jan.

Missing Businessman Cause of Death

After the report, New Orleans police have started to search him, he put posters and asked the citizens of New Orleans. Last time he was seen in white sneakers paired with a black hoodie and blue jeans. His height was 6 feet. On social media posts were posted by lots of people so that he could be found.

Even the one who could inform police about him was supposed to be awarded $10,000 cash. There was a contact number of the authority, people could have called on 516-823-6699. Unfortunately, all the efforts were failed and in the end, the family lost their loved one.

Mordy Gelfand Found

At the age of 33, he passed away. People are looking for his death cause, it is unclear. No official source has posted anything personal about him. We can see the wave of condolence about him, he is being paid tribute.

We also express our deep condolence and sympathy to the family may his soul rest in peace. We can feel, in this hard time, we shud give them some private time to feel better.  For more details around the world keep visiting this site we will be right back with the latest update.

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