Malaysian actor has been hitting the headline in recent days and he is becoming the center of attraction after he got involved in controversy. As of now, people are searching for what happened with him and what the controversy is all about. Due to the circulating controversy, he had gone viral on Instagram YouTube, and other social media sites. As per the report we got to know his video has gone on the social media site and internet.

Who Is Zul Ariffin?

Being an actor he is popular among people and he is holding immense friend following. They are searching for him. Recently he had posted a teaser of his upcoming film which is creating a buzz on the internet. The recently shared poster is being criticized by lots of people and it has been an internet sensation. The 35 years old actor is seeing to support the new actor whose name is Siti Harissa. From the front is considered Furious and inappropriate for the public telecast. Yes, the content is completely D-grade which is not liked by an audience that is why many people are criticizing and reacting over the teaser of his upcoming film.

Zul Ariffin video

Because there are some inappropriate scenes in the film which are highly criticized let’s find out all the details related to him through this post. As per the onlookers and cyber citizens they are expressing their disappointment after the action which was taken by the actor related to his new drama film titled “that women”.

The film has been directed by Erma Fatima, which is to be telecast this Ramadan that is why he is promoting it. As per the report we got to know makers are trying to bring 50 Shades of Grey in the Malaysian entertainment industries and it has been the topic of discussion. Many of his fans are following him from social media and they are commenting on his post.

The video which was shared around 9:00 p.m. last night now it has been viewed more than 8 lakh times. And there are more than 12000 comments on Instagram which is why the Malaysian actor is trending on Twitter and getting viral. He is one of the successful actors in the Malaysian entertainment industry. He had worked in several movies and performed various roles after. Zul Ariffin noticed that it is not liked therefore he had deleted the video on Saturday morning on 19th of March 2022.

The female cast of the film is also getting viral on YouTube and other social media platforms. People are finding the video on Twitter Reddit and Tiktok also his fans are not liking his upcoming movie as it is very visible. let’s see now what makers will do, for more latest updates stay connected with us.

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