Viral news these days, where two young cousins have got involved in a fatal accident. As per the report they were from Missouri, they are in the live stream on Instagram. It is the incident when one of them has shot to other after that she killed herself. We got to know a girl whose name is Paris Harvey, she was 12 years old.

She has accidentally shot her cousin on the live stream.  Her brother’s name is Kuaron Harvey, who was 14 years old. The investigation is going on and the news is getting viral these days. There are lots of netizens who are seeking videos on Twitter. The 12-year-old shoots cousin on a live Twitter video is getting viral on Twitter and it is catching lots of attention as of now.

12 year old shoots cousin on live twitter

12 year old shoots cousin reddit video

On Twitter we can see a number of searches about the video, there are more than thousands of people who are showing interest to watch the video. We want to tell you that this video is not good to watch so that is why you might find the video on social media platforms. It must have been removed so far but still, you may watch this on the Twitter and Reddit platforms. The news has gone viral in a short time. Netizens are showing their sympathy to the family, many are paying their tribute and expressing condolence.

12 year old girl shoots cousin and herself on live twitter reddit

We also express our deep condolence to the family, may their souls rest in peace. The investigation is going on,  as per the statement of the mother Shinise Harvey, who is Paris’s mother.  She has said to NBC affiliate KSDK of St. Louis, we got to know she let her daughter go to the apartment for a family party celebrating March’s birthday.  The family has lost two innocent souls, the whole family is completely devastated, it was not expected anything.


Now thousands of people are looking for more details and they are being so interested to watch the viral live video, the video can be found on Reddit and Twitter. On the YouTuber, many people are searching for the same video. There is more viral news on the internet, if you want to grab them then do visit this site over and over. We will be right back with the new post on the same sites with the latest info.

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